Balancing Work-Life Strategies And Homebased Business

Nightline and Harvard Business Study


The challenge of combining a business at home with family
responsibilities is highlighted in a recent Nightline segment

Takeaways include identifying where all the time goes and
rethinking how time is spent.

But one idea not discussed might involve taking a closer
look at the small child and identifying what budding skills,
interests and talents that he may have and ways overlooked
that might engage his attention.

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Harvard Business Review .org
Manage Your Work, Manage Your Life

ABC News
The Secrets to Ending Mommy Guilt Suffering

Career Change And Entrepreneurship After Injury

Fit Chef…Eddie Jackson

If at first you don’t succeed… is illustrated admirably by Eddie Jackson
who recently won the Food Network’s Next Star Compare this video with his recent winning Food Network clip last Sunday.  Jackson honed his communication skills

After repeated injuries sidelined Mr. Jackson’s pro football career,
his business education major at University of Arkansas  was  put to good use. .
The name Fit Chef  communicates a well executed example of an entrepreneurial niche

Dee Adams is the author of
Finding Your Niche: Discover…


Houston  Style Magazine



Food Network Star

Fairtrade And Celebrity Entrepreneurship: An Upside and Downside

Hugh Jackman

Wolverine and caffeine?

Celebrity entrepreneurs enjoy the perks of publicity
for their projects but the downside may include unwanted
media attention if controversy over a business model, umm brews.

One wonders what simple, creative solution might an aspiring
entrepreneur devise for the K-cups conflict referenced in the
Huffington Post article?

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Fast co
How Hugh Jackman Became A Fairtrade Entrepreneur

Huffington Post

Quiz Q & A:The Working Life of Two Famous Writers

Agatha Christie and Sue Monk
These two women share a similar experience besides writing popular fiction, but each used their experience in different ways. What is the shared experience and how did it help each in their creative work?

Answer posted at the end of this post

Christie and Monk were nurses, a profession in which having the aptitude
Graphoria is essential for nursing and writing fields, according to
Johnson O’Connor Research Foundation.
Christie reportedly loved being a nurse but not Monk
Christie used knowledge learned as a nurse as a source of inspiration
for the poison plotlines in her books.  (An interesting yet unsettling detail.
Takeaway: It is difficult to create work-life balance when placed in a
routine that us not compatible with core aptitudes. Monk would have
found the routine tasks of nursing stifling if Ideaphoria was her primary aptitude.
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References Christie
Six by Agatha

Johnson O’Connor Research Foundation

Oprah Talks with Sue Monk about the Invention of Wings

Changing Your Work or Career Update

New Kindle Edition

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Critiquing The Next Food Network Food Star:Season 11

And Then There Were Three…


So before the season started, I selected two constants
based solely on bio briefs. highlighted their niches. One choice has
since left voluntarily to be with her family and my other choice,
Cajun cooking, is still there.

But, after watching the show I see Eddie has strong talent. Except
he may be so cool that he may over shadow the current subtle bad
boy…Bobby Flay.

Overall, there’s been way too much talk by contestants about a grilling
point of view or niche. Unless, someone leaves the network, the channel
does not want another talent who specializes in Flays’s niche.

Update: Season 11 was the most exciting in recent years because the eventual winner was not so obvious. . I didn’t think Eddie Jackson would win because the network already had a barbecue celebrity chef. But when the final clips aired,  there was a stark health versus not so healthy contrast. And I wondered how the network would chose after all.

Celebrity overrides standard operating niche practices, perhaps Jackson’s skill and talent and likeability plus pro sports background equals celebrity niche

Dee Adams is the author of
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