Q & A: Financial Literacy for Entrepreneurs


Q & A: Financial Literacy for Entrepreneurs

.Q:  What resource would
you recommend for teaching
beginners about money matters in business?

A: The answer would depend
on several factors. There is no one size fits all
resource. But here is a link for a C-Span
Video The Reckoning, by an author and professor of
the history of accounting.

Now if your eyes just glazed over, you may be surprised.
The Reckoning is a fascinating historical overview of
American and European society and accounting related
issues in the 21st century. Using the information from
the talk to research antiquarian
hops for teaching materials of different eras as a start.

Finding Your Niche Bookmark: Front, Back, Multi-Use Notepad

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Back in 2011, this bookmark was printed
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Finding Your Niche: Discover…

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Finding Your Niche 2017 Now Available

Finding Your Niche: Discover 2017

The 2017 edition of Finding Your Niche: Discover…
is officially available on Feb. 4. p.m.PST
for bookstore distribution in paperback.
While the new EPUB edition
may be ordered February 24.

An excerpt from the introduction of Finding Your Niche
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Book Update: Finding Your Niche 2017


Revised Finding Your Niche Book

Finding Your Niche 2017

New book brochure
available for download

Free Book Brochure

This updated edition contains
more than fifty revisions.
New links for educational content are
sprinkled throughout chapters. You’ll find
an article reprint on work-life balance and time
management issues. And fifteen book titles
have been added with an asterisk to the
bibliography.  A children’s book,
entrepreneurship in African American
communities during the turn of the
twentieth century, public speaking,
skill set evaluation, and tips and
strategies for finding information are included.

Distribution date for revised edition in
print and ebook format within the week.