What Some Students Should Know About the Marketplace

Youth and social justice in the marketplace

Students should learn more about
navigating the marketplace for their own protection.
Innocent middle, even elementary age students may find themselves center stage in a nightmare they can’t process.

One case in point: The recent news story of 9-year old, Jeremiah Harvey, who while shopping with a parent and sibling suddenly found himself publicly accused of groping a female customer. The irate woman threatened to call police as the boy protested and stood nearby distraught.

The accuser approached Harvey. Proximity of the mom unclear.  Harvey,  still learning how to navigate his environment did not know how to handle the situtation.

A review of the viral video raises questions.
Where was the store manager?
Why wasn’t there an immediate request for store tape and security?

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Foresight: One Thing Every Gig Worker or Aspiring Entrepreneurs Must Not Overlook

One Thing nEvery Gig worker or Aspiring entrepreneur must not overlook

Whether able-bodied worker or freelancer,
Michael Finney’s consumer report on a potential downside of the gig economy is an important reminder. And underscored by two sobering experiences noted in links below.


AC7KGo Potential downside of the gig economy

PBS News Hour/…Wrist injury disaster for Maine veteran

Recovery of Leslie Green, post bike accident

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