Q & A: Tips for Aspiring Comedy Writer

Q & A: tIPS FOR Aspirng Comedy Writer

Q: What advice would you give someone
wanting to write humor
for a business industry?
A: Find a mentor.
Identify which genre of writing you excel in
and most enjoy. Example: speeches,
ad campaigns, etc. Identify how your skill
will help the selected target market
And be aware of work-related pitfalls and
how to avoid them when using humor for
commercial purposes. Here’s
a memorable Here’s  a memorable case
noted in  Finding Your Niche Discover…
Dairy puts up hilarious
billboard spoof
of environmental group land
in a very unfunny…and avoidable … lawsuit.
New York Times.com 1993
California dairy takes caricature
one step too far..

Dee Adams is the author of
Finding Your Niche: Discover…

Q & A: Financial Literacy for Entrepreneurs


Q & A: Financial Literacy for Entrepreneurs

.Q:  What resource would
you recommend for teaching
beginners about money matters in business?

A: The answer would depend
on several factors. There is no one size fits all
resource. But here is a link for a C-Span
Video The Reckoning, by an author and professor of
the history of accounting.

Now if your eyes just glazed over, you may be surprised.
The Reckoning is a fascinating historical overview of
American and European society and accounting related
issues in the 21st century. Using the information from
the talk to research antiquarian
hops for teaching materials of different eras as a start.

Finding Your Niche Bookmark: Front, Back, Multi-Use Notepad

   Actual size
      4 x 9

Back in 2011, this bookmark was printed
for an earlier edition of
Finding Your Niche: Discover…

Finding Your Niche 2017 Now Available

Finding Your Niche: Discover 2017

The 2017 edition of Finding Your Niche: Discover…
is officially available on Feb. 4. p.m.PST
for bookstore distribution in paperback.
While the new EPUB edition
may be ordered February 24.

An excerpt from the introduction of Finding Your Niche
has become a popular pin recently on Pinterest


Free Book Brochure

Book Update: Finding Your Niche 2017


Revised Finding Your Niche Book

Finding Your Niche 2017

New book brochure
available for download

Free Book Brochure

This updated edition contains
more than fifty revisions.
New links for educational content are
sprinkled throughout chapters. You’ll find
an article reprint on work-life balance and time
management issues. And fifteen book titles
have been added with an asterisk to the
bibliography.  A children’s book,
entrepreneurship in African American
communities during the turn of the
twentieth century, public speaking,
skill set evaluation, and tips and
strategies for finding information are included.

Distribution date for revised edition in
print and ebook format within the week.

Tech Update Completed!

Tech issues with four laptop upgrades from
OS Windows XP since March
have been resolved as of today.
September will be spent
catching up on book revisions for
Finding Your Niche…

Meanwhile, starting next week, links to popular archive posts will appear.

Update: Blog and Book Revision

Murphy’s Law and Gravity

Since May 9, I have been on restricted physical
activity after trip and fall involving a heavy package
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So the newly revised edition of MusicBiz Notes will be uploaded in June.
And Finding Your Niche 2016 has been rescheduled for September.

 New blog content will be added June 26.
New mission statement and progress update next week.

Thanks for your patience.


Update: When New Blog Posts Will Resume…

On May 26, new content will appear on this blog.
This break will allow for completion of the
Finding Your Niche book  revision for 2016.

This decision was reached yesterday after tech support
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And now after a lovely 7-hour remote tech session yesterday, all factory settings
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You know, there are billionaire entrepreneurs  who avoid using
computers in their work and I see the wisdom in that strategy.

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Quick Computer Quiz: Tech-Savvy Tips for Biz Beginners

MusicBiz Notes: Quiz

4 Questions About the Music Business


Back in 2009, I took a course from Foothill College called
Music Business and one of the assignments involved listening to a song I’d never heard before. The link had no pictures. I did know who the musician featured was and groaned…

In general, my favorite category of music is pop and if you search through my CD collection Simply Red, Celine Dion, Michael or Janet Jackson could be found among my favorites.

I hit the link and listened. I didn’t like the song…I loved it!
I couldn’t stop grinning. What a delight. Music of a bygone era but Les Paul Paul..timeless
An awesome musician and entrepreneur…

I found a Youtube that best matches what I heard six years ago.
How High the Moon… 3 Minutes

Note: Music Business 50 at Foothill has been updated since 2009 and deaf students can take the class.  And the music tech department offers a wide array of classes. For example, composing for video games, entertainment law, Pro tools certification, mastering marketing and managing your music (60c).

The music technology program is considered one of the finest at the junior college level
with students from around the country.

4 Sample Questions  from
MusicBiz Notes

1. Where’s the Money?
What professional should a musician consult when there is a dispute over money that may be owned for music sales?

A. Forensic Accountant
B. Private Detective
C. Entertainment Lawyer

 2.  Prince shook up the industry when he took control of his music and began marketing his music online. Can you name other artists who have used proactive or grassroots marketing methods?

3. The Weavers and Peter, Paul and Mary combined social activism with their music during the civil rights era and beyond. Can you name two other artists who have used their celebrity for socio-political causes in the 21st century?

4. T or F?  Many aspiring musicians ignore the business side of the industry in the mistaken belief that they need an MBA to protect themselves in the industry.