Tech & Internet Trends 2014 and 2017

Tech & Internet Trend 2014 and 2017

Venture Capitalist Insight…
Internet Trends 2014, Code Conference,
by Mary Meeker,
 May 28.
Meeker, a venture capitalist and the BFF of
Bill Gates, according to an industry insider,
offers an annual graphic report of the rapidly
changing landscape and the impact on daily life.

Jam-packed with colorful graphs and photos,
it’s a fast-paced visual read covering an array
of subjects from social media to social media
TV viewing, health, money, education  cyber
security, immigration, public companies,
Smartphones, laptops and more.

Key Internet Trends
Selected Highlights

  • Education/Online education, pgs. 24-28
  • Re-Imaging Apps: Some are disappearing, pg 39
  • Re-Imaging Content, pg.45
  • Re-Imaging daily activities, pg 46
  • Challenging Non Cloud Business models, pg. 76
    Immigration in America: The Shortage of High skilled Workers
    Note: A 190-pg pdf by Meeker’s company
     For 2017
    Internet Trends and Stats

    Takeaway lesson

    Although a recent critique of the report on Harvard Business contained countless valid points, it should be noted that no one report should ever be used as the sole source of information when researching an industry.

Internet Trends 2014, Code Conference, by Mary Meeker, pg. 163.

Harvard Business
Summary: It’ time to re-imagine Meeker’s report

Dr. Maya Angelou

Infinite Melodic Wisdom

Incredible Paper Scupltures

Li Hongbo & The Business Insider

Artistic work that stretches imagination using a seemingly ordinary item.
Based on childhood fascination with paper
Skills and knowledge acquired as a book editor
Art training in diverse fields
Using history for inspiration
Structural Visualization
Imagination & curiosity to the nth degree

Youtube Video   1: 49

Li Hongbo Bio

Schoeni Art Gallery

OKO-Test Magazine

Health & Nature
Back in February 1998, the German magazine for health and environmental issues, OKO_Test
tested 20 finger paints…but could only recommend one brand… Nawaro Fingerpaints.

Takeaway lesson: what environmental issues may be involved in the industry you would like to enter? And what can you do to avoid problems?


OKO-Test Fingerpainting

Eco Baby

FishFlops Continues to Grow

Check out Madison Nicole and Daymond John
in Boca Raton Observer Magazine

Madison Nicol Nicole  on Instagram

The Flip Flop Marketplace
If you’ve ever purchased a pair of ordinary flip flops, you’d know immediately the difference the first time you spotted a pair of colorful FishFlops because they stand out in comparison to the typical styles.

The FishFlops company with teen designer Madison Nicole Robinson continues to grow their business with, for example, the introduction of new footwear at Nordstrom such as the Mother/Daughter combo.

I recently checked out Amazon and other sites in greater detail for a more in-depth look at the product lines in the marketplace. Amazon had a pair of Armani Women Jean flip flops for a mere $91.00. And Valentino offers an incredibly pink pair of rubber shoes on the Web at $295.00…really?

Google images and Amazon show some flip flops designs with an all too familiar look of flimsy. While other selections include logos, sports, Disney, and customization themes. And designer Michael Kors offers a wide array of quality sophisticated styles in the upper $30 range.

But despite all the competition, FishFlops stands apart with creative and innovative design elements that incorporate sea and water illustrations at an attractive price.

But “No one wears FishFlops in the winter…,” notes Robinson, so the company is taking her ideas and brand into related fashion areas. Check out a new article at Small Business Advisor on Yahoo! From Fishflops to Fifth Avenue, Teen Entrepreneur Expands.

Fox News Houston just ran an interview with Madison Nichole featuring not only the FishFlops clothing and footwear lines but revealing the business education outreach for teens the designer and her company is actively pursuing.

MyFox Huston Video

Fish Flops at Nordstrom


Michael Kors/Google Images


Armani Jeans Cherry Blossom Flip Flop

Armani Jeans Blue Floral Flip Flop

Small Business Advisor
From FishFlops to Fifth Avenue, Teen Entrepreneur Expands

Teen Entrepreneur Attends Gala Event

Henry David Thoreau: Social Entrepreneur

Many people associate Thoreau with Walden’s Pond unaware
he was also a Harvard graduate who helped to rescue his father’s failing
pencil factory by developing a better pencil.

And at one point, he co-owned
an innovative school for children, but apparently spent much of his adult
life working in the family business while pursing a literary career,
other interests, and stance political protests. A good argument could
be made that Social Entrepreneur might well have been one of his niches.


Don’t Know What To Do With Your Life? Neither Did Thoreau

Note: Chapters include a description of Thoreau and his work at the pencil factory. Por of Thoreau and his work at the pencil factory.

The Adventures of Henry Thoreau: A Young Man’s Unlikely Path to Walden Pond   About 50 minutes + Q&A

The Disarming Honesty of Henry David Thoreau
Note: See 9th para for pencil factory reference.

The Thoreau Society

Activists Champion Entreprenerualism

It Ain’t Over Til Its Over…

Both Marlo Thomas and poet Luis Rodriquez recently discussed at length how many people facing economic adversity use creativity and entrepreneurial tactics to prevail.

Thomas during an interview on Tavis Smiley discussed the theme of her book how women have started business during crisis in their lives.

Rodriquez  on a recent 3-hour appearance on C-Span recounted what he experienced as a worker who kept  seeing industry jobs cut or shipped overseas and how he began to gradually read the signs and tap into his creative side.

And if you watch PBS’ Craft in America 2014, one  segment features a group of out of work textile workers in North Carolina who banded together to create an entrepreneurial solution to mills sending jobs overseas.


Marlo Thomas
Tavis Smiley

Luis Rodriquez


Craft in

Harlem Hell Fighters

Takeaway Lesson
Fascinating account of an overlooked historical war story, but for aspiring entrepreneurs or would-be writers,  how author Max Brooks, finally achieved success with his 16-year effort to get the project illustrates an important lesson about revamping an idea.

Apart from the riveting military details, it is worth noting Brooks’ challenges despite Hollywood connections and affluence.

Note: Video still temporarily unavailable

Max Brooks Talks
WWI Graphic Novel ‘Harlem Hellfighters’
The Harlem Hellfighters: Fighting Racism In The Trenches Of WWI