How The Barefoot Contessa Brand Got Its Name

Strange Backstory of a Celebrity Cookbook Author




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The Barefoot Contessa, 1954

Barefoot Countess Store No More

Bill Ward, “At Home with the Cookbook Contessa”,
Minneapolis Star Tribune, November 30, 2006, Pg. 1T.


Best Tech Field For An Aspiring Entrepreneur: Q & A

Niches in the Tech World


Q: What area of technology do you think
has the best chance of success
for an aspiring entrepreneur?

A: Two answers:

1. It’s the area in which you spot a
problem that people will pay for…
A problem that you can solve with zeal and
savvy using the ideal skill set.

2. All startups in the technology industry, regardless of
what the idea involves, share a common issue in the Internet age…:
cyber security…

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More Bad News
About the
Cyber Security Skills Shortage.
Hot Tech Trends
Coming Your Way in 2015 Pulse
The 25 Hottest Tech Startups
to Watch For

Animal Clip Art Design: Real Cows Don’t Smile

Forums As Research Tools


Maine Highland Cattle Association

Insider tips about unfamiliar industries, fields,
or professions can often be gleaned in good forums.
One trick is to read threads even if the topic is not of interest.

Case in point: A recent forum post about the lack of variety
of animal themes in clip art revealed a number of related issues

A cow has beautiful eyelashes but never
smiles…ever …
Factual and amusing point noted by a veteran
educator recently on a website for teachers:

More animal-themed clip art with realism,
anatomical accuracy, and less smiley faces and
human facial elements…please!

So as talented designers heed the plea for realism
and adjust their product lines to meet this need in the educational marketplace, what other  issues may exist in art and education that may not be addressed as yet? Why are there so many animal themes lacking in realism?

One result of the depictions of members of the animal kingdom
has been the need for some science teachers to instruct students not
to draw cartoon images in their science class assignments.


Maine Highland Cattle
The woolly bovines pictured are considered the super-models
of the breed and are one of the oldest and first known recorded. ..
Scottish Highlands cattle. Sturdy work animals that can be milked.
Outer coats enable them to withstand brutal cold climates.

Teachers Pay Teachers cm
Note: Two highly regarded designers  noted for
their focus on realism
Messare Clips and Design
The Painted Crow

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A Craftsman’s Legacy

Women Find Success in Non-traditional Work

Although women have historically been involved in crafts of all kinds,
it’s sometimes a still a surprise to some to find women in some fields.
A recent marathon on PBS included
a Blacksmith, Goldsmith, Glassblower and Saddlemaker.
No high-tech here…

A Craftsman’s

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Brian Grazer And Critical Thinking Activity

A Curious Mind

Creative Inspiration

Creative Inspiration

Hollywood Producer Brian Glazer shares his personal steps
for sparking inspiration and critical thinking while discussing
his new book A Curious Mind.
Charlie Rose

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Scary Lucille Ball Statue A PR Nightmare

A Lesson for Aspiring Artist Entrepreneurs


The recent news story about the statute controversy regarding
the iconic comedian
Lucille Ball is baffling.

And one can  only imagine audience reaction at the unveiling ceremony
in 2009. ..Truly  a sitcom moment.

After delving into more details, one can’t help but wonder
why the accomplished and skilled artist allowed the work to be
unveiled since it would represent his name and reputation.
And just as puzzling: what photos were used to cast the image?
Lucille Ball on Pinterest.

What is clear is that this is not about an awful sculpture; it’s about failure to repair a botched commission.  Facebook-We Love Lucy

That the sculptor had asked for five-figures to redo the statute is now public knowledge…on and off the Web.

 A recent letter of apology sent to the town’s irate mayor with an offer
to repair the statute has an appearance of damage control. Since the correspondence is dated three days after the Hollywood Reporter’s story last weeksix years after the unveiling of what many call a monstrosity.


Before launching any service-related startup, be clear about the kind of potential mistakes that could occur and the time, labor and money involved in redoing assignments.Decide beforehand whether to accept or reject a project based on that information.

Some mistakes can be time consuming and costly to remedy.
But refusing to correct mistakes in a timely and appropriate manner in the age of the Web may be even more costly.

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Marketing With Creative Cookies

Cookies Vs. Cupcakes


Pick any decade and chose a TV sitcom and you will likely
find an episode with a food-based entrepreneurial theme.
and with a useful takeaway amidst the chuckles..
Whether Family Matters, Mr. Belvedere, Martin, Frasier,
Roseanne, 2 Broke Girls,
Big Bang Theory, I Love Lucy…

Last week, TV Land’s The Soul Man featured a subplot about the
Reverend Ballentine’s cupcake truck owning brother who decides to hire an
arsonist to collect on his insured truck. You see, he is losing money
because of changing trends in consumer tastes.

Note: In the real world that plan will afford a rich opportunity
to spend time in the state or federal penitentiary.

The episode was a reminder of how some bakeries have avoided getting into the cupcake business because  of competition.* Focusing instead on a centuries old confection…the cookie.

Three awesome examples of cookies that could be linked to marketing to specific industries…fashion and real estate… turned up online.

And I was also reminded of Famous Amous: long before Wally Amos gained fame by introducing his chocolate chip cookies to the public, the talent agent used his homemade treats as a marketing tool to entice celebrities to join his agency.
And it was that activity that led to his startup.


The Soul Man(PG language)

Realtor Cookie Basket

Cookies and purses for fashion plate

Parker’s Crazy Cookies

New York
Famous Cookie-Wally Amos
Note: Insightful article for budding entrepreneurs.
But I disagree with the last line about
quicksand and help arriving…
Don’t count on it…look for the twig.

Tip Entrepreneurial
*Noted several month ago.

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Safety-Net Parenting

Book Review


Sit Down and Relax…

Here’s a recent review that I wrote about Leon Baxter’s insightful guide.
Amazon Review

No argument that the author of Secrets of Safety-Net Parenting: Raising Happy and Successful Children – The Common Denominator put the practical principles he espouses to good use.



You see, the socially conscious 11-year old toy CEO
in the YouTube video featured last month is one of two of
Baxter’s accomplished daughters. ..

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Graphic Design Warning & Protecting Work

New Product Update for Beginners

Protecting  Creative Work

Protecting Creative Work

What Hollywood film featured a scene with

a bestselling cookbook author recounting how her copyright was violated?

When a famous newspaper writer sued a film studio for
their use of his film idea, he was awarded $150,000.
Why was the amount a problem?

Written in 1996, this book… is considered the first
to decode the business and legal issues
for aspiring
writers wanting to enter the entertainment industry

Answers to these questions and  graphic design challenges
are included in a new
compilation of Niche Creativity posts on
creative or intellectual property and design issues. Additional links
and copy have been added to the file upload.

For preview and
table of contents on the Teachers Pay Teachers site
Click this link New Graphic Design Warning Upload


See preview and table of contents on
Teachers Pay Teachers
New Graphic Design Warning Upload

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