How Iconic Eagles Band Member Learned His Craft

Glenn Frey 

Eagle soaring across the cloud filled sky

The talent and humanity of late musician Glenn Frey
is featured in Tavis Smiley’s recent rebroadcast of a
2012 two-part interview with the singer-songwriter
of Eagles band fame.

An insightful glimpse of how the music i
industry veteran learned how and why to write and collaborate.

References Tavis Smiley interviews Glenn Frey-part2
History if the Eagles, Part 1
Includes more details on Jackson Brown’s
whistling tea kettle and how those sounds
helped Frey hone his own craft

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Launching a Snow Plowing App in a Crowded Tech Industry

Plowz and Mowz

Unfortunately, many humans can’t muster
up the same joyful reaction as the Smithsonian’s panda
after heavy snowfall.
But the frustration of one homeowner trapped in
her driveway by piles of cold wet snow inspired
her son to create a snow removal app.

The Plowz and Mowz  app not only solves a problem
by offering a speedy service but doubles as a business,
administrative, and marketing
tool for independent business owners.
Elements that help to market an app
in the crowded tech industry.

Check out Nightly Business Report
and Mark Cuban’s observations

Mark Cuban: How Businesses
Can Learn from Shark Tank
Data suggests consumers only use around
two dozen apps per month

Snow and Ice

Snowplows delivered in a click

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How a School Lunch Box Inspired the Idea for a Unique Food Science Book

Let’s Talk Food Presents



Author presentation: When food writer and mom,
Anastacia Marx de Salcedo wondered about the origin
of some of the sandwich fixings in her daughter’s
lunch box one day her curiosity  uncovered surprising
answers and led to Combat-Ready Kitchen: How the U.S. Military
Shapes the Way You Eat.

Combat-Ready Kitchen is a fascinating historical look
at how rations for soldiers developed, including the Aztecs and
the ancient Romans.

Several unsettling lessons are presented from the book others
describe as a fun food science read. But the content also illustrates
how products created for one industry can be marketed to a
completely new one.


Let’s Talk about Food

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Why Every Young Person Should Have an Interest in Entrepreneurship, Says Economist

Julianne Malveaux PhD

learn-921255_640 (1)

Author, economist, and President Emerita of
Citing the challenges facing people of color
in today’s economy, the acclaimed economist, author,
and President Emerita of Bennet College
stated. “…every young person needs to be interested
in entrepreneurship…’’ Dr. Malveaux explained
why she felt it important to implement an entrepreneurship
major during her tenure at Bennett.

Arguably, Dr. Malveaux’s philosophy also applies to
those with no interest in starting a business. Learning
the principles of entrepreneurship and critical thinking
gives the traditional worker a competitive edge.

Tavis Smiley


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Q&A: Breaking into the Greeting Card Industry

Q: What kind of greeting cards might a new artist
consider offering to card companies?

Smiley face sunflowert

Especially for you logo on watercolor painting

A  The Web has affected this industry with a
sizeable shift to e-greetings instead of traditional snail mail
For starters, the Greeting Card has a tip page.

Create a strategy that involves spotting and forecasting
significant trends in the marketplace that will inspire
ideas for innovative cards that people will want to buy
to give to someone else. For instance, questioning a
veteran seller in an upscale California city recently
revealed the following insightful market research:

There’s a need for more diversity in greeting card imagery. People of all ethnic groups, and that
includes Europeans, keep asking for cards featuring diverse racial groups in the illustrations.

We feature many local artists and our customers like that, but so far we can’t find designs that caters to the many requests we get. At one point,
we brought in a line of  African American cards but they
were all Bible verse themes…and didn’t sell well, said the seller.

Note that the response above came from a greeting card shop
in a small semi-suburban city, and the demographics are
multicultural but overwhelmingly European and offers
a rich source of ideas for an artist with an avid
interest in multicultural issues.

What other ideas might
be sparked by targeting established shops in other areas?

Your learning style, skill set, aptitudes, knowledge,
and marketing street smarts may mean using methods
other than questioning to find ideas for successful cards.

Check out the eye-opening 1996 LA Times article on
millionaire greeting card artist Sandra Boynton and
how she finds her ideas.


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IKEA Lawsuit: Safety Lesson for Aspiring Designers and Inventors

Avoiding Dangerous Furniture Design 

After incidents in which a dresser toppled over causing
fatal injuries to a small child, lawsuits were filed against IKEA.
Tragic circumstances that illustrate what
can happen when a product is introduced to the marketplace
with a lack of proper initial research and planning..

At a minimum, risk analysis. was overlooked:
Who, what where, how will the product
be used? Could anyone be injured? How?  What solution
best solves the problem?

Responsibility for a poorly designed product shifted to
consumers when free anchor kits were offered?
How many people would make a mistake and not secure
the heavy furniture correctly? With no way to answer
that question, A proper design was the
answer followed by recall. recall were

Takeaway:  Check accident records of similar products
and factor in design specs that not only solve the issue
but provide a competitive edge based on safety

IKEA Facing Lawsuits…

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Dog Training Wizard

So You Want to Become a Professional Dog Whisperer

Dog education PDF, inspired by the Chase ad and
by a fascinating 60 Minutes piece on bomb sniffing dogs
a few years earlier on bomb-sniffing canines.

A short eye-opening lesson based on primary telephone
research with a core theme: Do you know what’s really
involved in becoming a dog whisperer?


Teachers Pay Teachers
So You Want to Become a Dog Trainer:
Q & A , Printable, Research Activity

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Little Jazz Genius from Bali

Spotlight on Joey Alexander’s Natural Talents

The awesome ability of 12-year old jazz musician
Joey Alexander was identified after his parents tried to
channel their son’s hyperactivity  by giving him
a musical instrument

What two primary talents,
other than musical, might best describe
Alexander’s abilities?

See the references that follow for clues.

Answers below…

Answers: Based on video analysis, highly likely
a probability of Ideaphoria and Dexterity for starters…

60-minutes/Little Jazz Man

Johnson O’Connor Research
Understanding Your Aptitudes/PDF

O*Net Online
Musicians and instruments

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