How Teachers Tackle Salary Challenges

Side Jobs or Startups for Educators: Teacher Salary Economics Learning and school captions on blackboard

Niche Creativity Article Republished on
Teachers Net Gazette…Why So Many Teachers Moonlight
and Start Businesses.

Anyone under the impression that
teachers have cushy jobs are misinformed and obviously
have not researched the field.
The demands posed solely by
political issues leave many to wonder
how educators are able to find time to teach and thrive.

Teachers Net Gazette
Why So Many Teachers Moonlight
and Start Businesses…

Maine teacher wins 1 million…
First Nobel Prize winner of Teaching
wins 1 Million Dollars

A Smart Strategy for Building Writing Ability: Takeaways from a Former New York City Police Officer

C-Span video The Job: True Tales from the Life of a New York City Cop


Ex-police officer Steve Osborne’s engrossing account
of his time on the job and head of a gang unit squad
(although he never fired his gun), and his career-change
after 20-years as a New York City

Osbourne’s lecture underscores
an important point about writing ability.
Osborn joked that as a boy his teacher feared he wouldn’t amount
to much because he was a solid barely average student

But Osborne always knew he wanted to be a cop like his father.
and often visited the police station observing the environment …

One of the regular duties of police work is report writing,
so Osborne learned how to adapt his skill set to manage
the task. While many of his colleagues wrote
lengthy reports, Osborne focused on writing detailed, factual,
shorter reports. And often called as a witness
in court he understood the importance of accuracy.

After leaving the force, Osborne tried writing short stories
but was told to try memoir writing, but he refused…
preferring to use his style of writing to communicate and
lecture about police work.

The Job: True Tales from the Life of a New York City Cop
Stories from his former life as a 20-year veteran
as a New York police office, who never fired his gun.
After 20-years on the job as NYC police officer

9 TV Shows for Potential Entrepreneurs

Useful TV Takeaways on Entrepreneurship

The primary trick to learning from many of
the following TV reality programs for
aspiring entrepreneurs
involves noting the mistakes
of others and avoiding them…
easier said than done.

Restaurant Impossible
Americans spend more than $1 billion a day on dining out,
according to Robert Irvine, industry pro and host 
Restaurant Impossible.Restaurant openings may well be
the other national pastime
pastime since so many people
are attracted to restaurant ownership.
Some aspiring entrepreneurs thinking about buying a food
establishment may think twice. It’s an inside look at failing
restaurants and the real-world financial and
personal chaos that ensues.
Problems often stem from the failure of beginners to learn
basic management, accounting and marketing skills. However,
the show also points out how some owners despite extensive experience
in the industry can make poor business decisions and
ruin initially successful enterprises.
The restaurant industry has a high failure rate, 70 percent, says
Barbara Cochran in a recent episode of Beyond the Tank, but learning
the lessons from this program could help cut down on many of
the costly mistakes made by start-ups.
Kitchen Nightmares.
Another program that reportedly covers the details of owning
a restaurant is the U.K version of Kitchen Nightmares.
 Shark Tank & Canadian counterpart Dragon’s Den
An inside look at how to pitch business presentations successfully.
One important lesson that many contestants continue to ignore is the
importance of learning the numbers.

Charlie Rose 
A range of topics which include  entrepreneurs and big business.
Rose often makes a point to ask probing questions
about how skills and talents were uncovered and cultivated.

Tavis Smiley 
A diverse selection of interviews covers a wide range of
topics from socioeconomic issues, music, and politics.
From pop, rock, jazz, rap and hip-hop to Moby to opera
From contemporary to historical.

RoadTrip Nation PBS
Insightful interviews wit  creative and
entrepreneurial men and women.

The Profit a small business reality show featuring owners in
crisis because of poor skills, poor decisions,  and sometimes
personality and ego issues that derail the venture.But
saved at times by the Multi-billionaire,
Marcus Lemonis who buys into their
company and fixes the problems.

Beyond the Tank
What happens to Shark Tank contestants after
an appearance, whether or not they get a deal
is the focus of this show.

Restaurant Impossible
BBC America
Kitchen Nightmares
Beyond the Tank
Cousins Maine Lobster
Shark Tank
Tavis Smiley
Charlie Rose
RoadTrip Nation profit
The Profit

How Leisure Reading Sparked Creative And Entrepreneurial Talent

Profit and Colonial Hip-Hop

Nonfiction books, in different nonbusiness genres,
have provided inspiration for successful
entrepreneurial-related insights.

But Lin-ManualMiranda’s hit Broadway
play Hamilton likely heads the list
as the most profitable idea.inspired by reading
a book for relaxation. Miranda’s sold-out musical
has taken in several dollars to date and won
yet another industry award..the Grammy.

It was while on vacation that Miranda, for leisure
purpose read an 832-page biography on Alexander Hamilton,
and began drawing upon his passion for music, comparing historical
facts with contemporary rap and hip-hop icons, tapping into major social, political, cultural  issues with a rhythmic beat.


All about the Hamilton’s

Hamilton By the Number…
Hamilton By the Numbers

5 Niche Books That Sparked New Business Ideas

Amazing Artistic Entrepreneurial Clock Maker

Nate Bowden

Nate Bowden started tinkering with his parents clock
at age 11. As an older teen, he offered
his repair skills to a clock maker.
After an apprenticeship of several years,
he went into business for himself.

Bowden’s appearance on season two of
A Craftsman’s Legacy is a fascinating tour of his studio
and reveals the history of his extraordinary skill set…
a blend of mechanical engineering and r
renaissance-like artistry.


Dee Adams is the author of Finding Your Niche: Discover…

Cook’s Country: Testing Useful Consumer Products

Bad Barbecue Tool Design

Why would a company produce a barbecue grill spatula
that was so overheated during use that it was described
as  “screaming hot”?

Last year, once again, a gadget evaluation segment
on Cook’s Country illustrated the consequences of
overlooking critical thinking when creating a product

Tester’s on the popular PBS program selected and
used several barbecue spatulas in an effort to identify
the best. One tool was excluded because while
barbecuing one spatula became too hot to handle.

Curious, as to why such an obvious blunder
would have been made I consulted a hardware store
in search of a possible answer.

Turns out the spatula in question may likely have been designed
to be used with protective gloves…and instructions
would have been printed on the box…

So the choices are buy a spatula designed to
withstand heat or buy the one that requires repeatedly
use of gloves while barbecuing…

.Takeaway: Comical, costly blunders are guaranteed
when the critical thinking process is overlooked while creating a product for the marketplace.while creating a product for the marketplace.

Dee Adams is the author of Finding Your Niche: Discover…

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How A Costly Water Utility Bill Inspired A New Business Idea

Veteran Employment Project


When a monthly water bill proved too costly for
the salary of one veteran he found a way to solve his
financial problem and create jobs for other soldiers.

Whether or not one has an interest in growing vegetables
the valuable lesson in this Charlie Rose interview
can be applied to other circumstances.

Lesson: Finding a solution to a personal problem
may be the basis for a profitable business that
embodies important values.

Huffington Post
Show Don’t Tell

Charlie Rose/facebook May 24/2013
Dylan Ratigan & Retired Major General Melvin Spiese

Dylan Ratigan and Retired Major General Melvin Spiese on the veteran employment project:

Posted by Charlie Rose on Friday, May 24, 2013

Historical Entrepreneurial Themes for February

Revisiting Jesse Owens…Update Interview Tavis Smiley… Race
Other unforgettable historical profiles include
Clementine Hunter, the Harlem Hell Fighter veteran
Horace Pippin who became an artist despite war injury,
Samuel Battle, and The Black Russian.




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