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On May 26, new content will appear on this blog.
This break will allow for completion of the
Finding Your Niche book  revision for 2016.

This decision was reached yesterday after tech support
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And now after a lovely 7-hour remote tech session yesterday, all factory settings
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You know, there are billionaire entrepreneurs  who avoid using
computers in their work and I see the wisdom in that strategy.

Updates: Computer Quiz Post, Book Revision, And File Conversation Misery



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Quick Computer Quiz: Tech-Savvy Tips for Biz Beginners

Prince: Beyond the Music…


Prince, Rodgers, Nelson
Artist, Entrepreneur, Social activist, humanitarian….

Control your music…Use creative talent to build economic 
prosperity for self and community was the philosophy the music legend espoused for
aspiring musicians.

As fans pay tribute and download  the icon’s tunes, aspiring artists would do well to track down and study Prince’s opinions about technology and the changing nature of the music business, and what he believed artists needed to do to avoid being enslaved in an industry that often fails to compensate fairly many members. see

The Ambitious Plan to teach

#Yes we code.org

PBS.org/Tavis Smiley
Tribute to Prince…Part 1


Why A Star Violinist Helps Musicians in Need:From Mozart to Metallica


The amazing story of a former  child prodigy who never forgot her humble upbringing
and now uses her musical talent to help disadvantaged musicians globally.

PBS. Newshour.org
Rachel Barton Pine

Global HeartStrings

Tips, Resources, and Gossip About the Business Side of Writing


Two panels of interest to aspiring writers  at
the recent Los Angeles
Times Festival of Books …

  1. A publishing panel of industry professionals
    underscores how writers are
    depending on social media skills to promote their work.  Q and A
  2. A panel of authors who specialze in the biography genre..
    The challenging nature of the genre and how they tackle
    reporting on the lives of famous and infamous historical figures




How an Academic Used the Creative Arts to Transform Dry Anthropology Topics into Interesting Reading for the Public

flame-1128636_640 (1)

Do not be fooled by Infrastructure, the less than exciting title
of a panel discussion at this past weekend’s
Los Angeles Times Festival of Books.

And though rust was the riveting
ad copyused  to lure in droves of viewers, the forum of three
authors offered an array of humerous, insightful, thought-provoking
sometimes alarming bits of information about
rusty weapons, soda cans, donkeys as transportation
back in 1000 BC, ponies
used in mines in modern times, super tankers, sailing, Google cars, drones,
the environment, gender and the engineering profession, pets,
trends in transportation.

One author, in particular, featured on the panel,
a former anthropologist and retired professor,
Bruce Fagan occupies a unique niche.
As the writer of more than 40 books,
Fagan is one of few  who specializes
in his field.

Los Angeles Times Festival of Books
Panel Discussion on Infrastructure

Bloomsbury.com/Bruce Fagan
The Intimat Bond; How Animals Shaped Human History

The Traumatic Personal Experience That Led A Federal Prosecutor to Leave Law to Teach and Write


Lawyers leave the profession and become entrepreneurs
or pursue creative paths for reasons often related to burnout,
but professor Paul Butler had a different personal experience
that forced him to rethink his career path when he was a federal prosecutor.

Harvard graduate and author of
Let’s Get Free: A Hip-Hop Theory of Justice,
professor Butler recounted the details on
CSpan back in 2009…themes still topical 2016.



C-Span 2009

Former Prosecutor Pens a Hip-Hop
Theory of Justice

Lets’ Get Free: A Hip-Hop Theory of Justice


Book Revision Update 2016 for Finding Your Niche

Finding Your Niche:Discover...

New content will include…

  1. Nifty work-life balance tips article
    reprinted from the San Francisco Chronicle
  2. Top 10 web articles and go-to resources
  3. Popular posts from the Niche Creativity blog via links.

And with the arrival of new software last week, revisions
on existing content will be completed
within two weeks.