3 Interesting Internet Reads: September 17


When you are the first and must figure things out….
Absolutely fascinating interview with Haben Girma, a disability rights attorney, author and the first woman to graduate from Harvard Law School despite being born deaf and blind. Insightful takeaways during the 45-minute talk for any student or anyone else attempting to navigate a challenging path.

Book TV

How a small town saved itself from economic ruin after big business left
In the 1980s, Colorado townspeople in a small town devised a unique idea to improve their devasted economy. Highlights in the 27-minute PBS segment include an illustration of what happens to a town when industry leaves. But the focus is why and how the town developed an idea that worked.

Rmbs.org/Colorado experience

A cake like no other
If you think there couldn’t possibly be a new idea for a baked cake, the Flour Shop bakery found it and landed in Forbes Magazine.  Part of the under 30 series by Alexandra Sternlicht.

Dee Adams is the author of the fact-finding guide for aspiring entrepreneurs, Finding Your Niche: Discover…

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