5 Famous Musicians Talk About The Industry

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1. Tavis Smiley Pbs.org
J.Cole Interview

From magna cum laude to Hip-Hop success.
J. Cole minored in business and graduated with honors.
Everything about the hit album 2014 Forest Hills Drive,
from the name to the home  giveaway, reflects authentic
attention to niche principles and skillful marketing innovation.

2. Tavis Smiley Pbs.org
    Steve Earle

Includes details of how changes in the industry
changed his approach to marketing his songs.
For example, the public’s increasing preference
for old school formats… vinyl.

3.Tavis Smiley Pbs.org
Ziggy Marley

‘”Music is more than entertainment…,” says Marley who explains his
family philosophy about the industry, community
activism and his numerous entrepreneurial ventures.

Lenny Kravitz’ latest project is tinged in irony
and reveals a chilling portrait …literally of the downside of fame.

 5. Zayn Malik..formerly of One Direction
Making a decision based on conflict of values.

Dee Adams is the editor of MusicBiz Notes


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