A Valuable Resource and Reality Check for Aspiring Inventors

Wisconsin Innovation Service Center

Having a good idea for a product is only the beginning…
failure to gather all the relevant facts and evaluate the
marketplace puts the a potential at
a disadvantage and an easy mark for
questionable business services.

A recent Steve Harvey show underscores the point:
aspiring inventors and one woman, in particular,
stood out because she had paid an invention
company $12,000 to
create a prototype of her
brainstorm…a new idea for women
who wear high heels…

what the hopeful inventor got back was useless,
she admitted and she felt duped.

Some could make the argument that
lack of tech and design skills hampered her ability
to execute a workable prototype independently…

But  the financial mistake could have
been avoided with
expert feedback from theInnovation  (WISC).

In fact, more than 90 percent of the $12,000
lost could have been saved with an honest
and comprehensive evaluation from WISC.

Established more than 35 years ago,
the center has seen it all, including
cutting edge technology
in medicine, tools, food products.

WISC has a database of 1100 industry
experts who offer honest product evaluations-
experts who have signed a confidentiality agreement,
which all staff members at the center must also sign.

A thorough overview of a product’s potential in the
marketplace from development to distribution
and hidden pitfalls are
the focus of WISC reports.

So why is it some aspiring inventors overlook
WISC instead wasting their life savings?

They may not know about the organization.

 Without an advertising budget, the nonprofit
service relies on 
word of mouth and their reputation
with satisfied clients found around the globe.
 Note that the MobCraft Beer co-founder
who appeared on Shark Tank March 11
is a former WISC student.

When applicants apply for WISCfee-based
services, Illegal products,
risque’ adult products, or other dubious
ideas are not eligible for consideration.

Steve Harvey.com/Passion Projects
Takeaway includes myths
about marketing to mass markets channels

Wisconsin Innovation Service Center
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Mobcraft Jumps into the SharkTank


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