5 Favorite Internet Finds December 2018

*Between the Lines with Barry Kilbrick will replay on January 6, 2019 an appearance with TV and magazine writer Nell Scovell. From the Simpson’s to Murphy Brown, Newhart, Sabrina the Teenage Witch Scovell’s industry experience is insightful, at times funny, and eye-opening as one of few women writers in the TV industry.

*Atlantic article. titled The Secret Shame of Middle-Class Americans, noted on business librarian Roger Green’s blog .Ramblin’ with Roger. The piece is a useful resource for another reason:   The article written by a successful writer reveals how mistakes made in money matters caused long-term financial chaos for his family. It’s an inside glimpse of potential pitfalls.

*StrengthsFinder tool developed by Gallup is second reference found on Ramblin’ with Roger. There’s a link for 34 profiles for students

StrengthsFinder: What’s right with someone

*Entrepreneurship in different European countries may take different paths such as using entrepreneurial skills within a company as opposed to operating a startup.

*The amazing profile below underscores the importance of checking stories for original autorship. There are different versions of the story below on the web, but relevant and intresting background details are not noted in abridged versions of the article.


12-year-old entrepreneur is the new big dog on Morehouse College’s campus


5 Interesting Internet Finds: Nov 2018

Between the lines with Barry Kilbrick…How film critic Lenoard Maltin, at
age 13-years was inspired to become a writer before the internet era is a core theme in this interview based on Maltin’s memoir Hooked on Hollywood. Viewers may have to use Google to decode references to a historical bygone era, humorously referred to as pre-dinosaur. But how the teen found his niche before the web offers an interesting glimpse that offers a comparison of available tools and resources then and now.
Harvard Business Review
Why African Entrepreneuship is Booming, by
Ndubuisi Ekekwe. This 2016 article opens with a cool example of how an entrepreneur used ingenuity to solve a business problem.
In non-technical terms, the piece highlights how a country’s infrastructure and economic policies challenges yet sparks new ideas and paths for entrepreneurial citizens.
First spotted on Forbes 30 Most Promising Young Entrepreneurs of Africa by Mfonobong Nsehe, April 2018,  Patricia Majule’s design company is profiled in greater detail on a site with a grin-provoking name…
While in college, Majule started working out of her apartment creating unique paper products for parties. Her abilities might well include strong elements of  STEM.
Lionesses of Africa.com
Multiple Intelligences
Theory: Widely Used, Yet Misundrstood
One of the most popular ideas in education is applied in ways that its creator never intended, Youki Terada, October 15, 2018.
The creator of the Multiple Intelligences Theory, Howard Gardener, is just one of many professionals who learn gradually
that their testing concepts are misunderstood.
The article underscores the value of customized assessments such as those provided by the Johnson O’Connor Research Foundation. Otherwise, misapplication of standardized theories limit possibilities.
Jon Morrow, Smart Blogger’s CEO has written Why You Shouldn’t Start A Podcast or YouTube Channel…
November 2018. Common sense advice that will save beginners a lot of wasted time and effort.
However, many readers will simply be unable to accurately evaluate their skillset correctly and will learn by trial and error.|
Smart Blogger.com

What Some Students Should Know About the Marketplace

Youth and social justice in the marketplace

Students should learn more about
navigating the marketplace for their own protection.
Innocent middle, even elementary age students may find themselves center stage in a nightmare they can’t process.

One case in point: The recent news story of 9-year old, Jeremiah Harvey, who while shopping with a parent and sibling suddenly found himself publicly accused of groping a female customer. The irate woman threatened to call police as the boy protested and stood nearby distraught.

The accuser approached Harvey. Proximity of the mom unclear.  Harvey,  still learning how to navigate his environment did not know how to handle the situtation.

A review of the viral video raises questions.
Where was the store manager?
Why wasn’t there an immediate request for store tape and security?

Dee Adams is the editor of
Shopping & Racial Profiling…
A suppl. multicultural ethnic studies resource

Foresight: One Thing Every Gig Worker or Aspiring Entrepreneurs Must Not Overlook

One Thing nEvery Gig worker or Aspiring entrepreneur must not overlook

Whether able-bodied worker or freelancer,
Michael Finney’s consumer report on a potential downside of the gig economy is an important reminder. And underscored by two sobering experiences noted in links below.


AC7KGo Potential downside of the gig economy

PBS News Hour/…Wrist injury disaster for Maine veteran

Recovery of Leslie Green, post bike accident

Dee Adam is the author of
Finding Your Niche: Discover….
And the editor of Changing Your Work or Career …After Injury…


Economic, Social, Cultural, and Community Ties to Food

Interesting 2015 PBS special includes segments on youth activity and skill set
with an iconic comfort food., and how the economic downturn of 2008
inspired small business and home-based businesses startups.

Highlights from more than 10 states include
unique family recipes and inventive marketing.
From driveway and kitchen sales to upwards of a million
dollars in sales…

A Few Good Pie Places

Dee Adams is the author of
Finding Your Niche: Discover…

When Using Numbers to Measure Success May be Mistake


The Tyranny of Metrics by Professor Jerry Muller.
Eye opening book talk
with Q&A reveals how fixation on numbers stifles
innovation, imitative, and motivation in different fields.


Dee Adams is the author of
Finding Your Niche: Discover…

Cool Entrepreneur Stories in the News

Mr. Reggie…

Underwater Dog…

New Mexico Fantasyland

Dee Adams is the author of
Finding Your Niche:Discover…

Q & A: How Some Entrepreneurs Can Avoid Crowdfunding Pitfalls

Q & A: crowdfunding success tips for beginners

Q:  Whether Kickstarter or a  competing platform,
any advice for someone thinking about
crowdfunding a business project?

A:  Look beyond the hype.  Investigate the skills
and commitment required to succeed in a crowdfunding project.
It’s far more involved than you may realize.

Check out the blog of Business Librarian, Roger Green, New York SBDC,
and two episodes from the PBS show Start Up for more details.

Ramblin with Roger.com
Kapsul-Kickstarter Campaign, June 6, 2018


Start Up: Season 5
Virtual Toys

Dee Adams is the author of
Finding Your Niche: Discover…

Hugh Jackman: Business Warning

Not even a celebrity can sell a product if it’s not good,
said Hugh Jackman recently in a news interview.
The entertainer and successful coffee entrepreneur
cited two iconic figures
who failed at ventures
despite fame: Babe Ruth and Frank

Curious, I searched for more details about the famous singer’s  business venture. Sure enough, I found a news article that proves that even the rich and famous may get really, really, bad startup advice.


Dee Adams is the author of
Finding Your Niche: Discover… 

Why Two Young Minority Entrepreneurs Were Arrested at Starbucks


Update: This post,
which first appeared
April 18, 2018, was removed
then reposted because of
a technical issue.

Q: Technology and social movements may help
address profiling issues in the consumer marketplace,
you noted.Recently, cell phone video went viral after the
controversial arrest and jailing of two minority men sitting at
a Philadelphia Starbuck’s.
They were later released without charge.
What do you think about this incident and
how else might technology put an end to such incidents?

A:    The term loitering is often defined in vague terms
in many jurisdictions. Black’s law dictionary is one example
that underscores the issue.

The men were sitting quietly for 15 minutes, according to witnesses.
The Starbucks worker’s exchange with the men, prior to calling
the police (Nestel), suggests anger is evident.
Details in The Washington Post provides further clues
as to why the situation escalated.

Some might argue
that the call to police was racial bias and also a power play.

I would not disagree. The men were later released from jail because Starbucks declined to press charges. One wonders what charges would have applied in this case.

If store owners are concerned with customers who
sit for long periods without buying (CNN),
then if ordinances permit, management should consider posting
at every table a courteous, humorous, and effective
policy guideline enforced equally for all people.

Cell phone technology and social media captured and exposed the incident.
But Virtual Reality may be an effective tool to educate
those who never experience racial bias.

M.L. Nestel
Handcuffing of 2 Black men in a Starbucks
called repressible outcome by CEO
Comedian, CNN commentator
W. Kamau Bell recalls
being kicked out of coffee shop
The Washington Post.com
Starbucks to close 8,000 Starbucks
for racial bias education
money.cnn.com…GMA interview
The men arrested in Philadelphia
Coffeeshop speak out
Dee Adams is the editor of
Shopping & Racial Profiling