How to Write About Awful Food Service

The cover below is the forthcoming multi-purpose lined, 100-page, 6×9 guide referenced in the previous post for angry patrons and aspiring foodservice writers.

The book’s content will include instructions on how to use the notebook, an appendix of interesting resources and articles, and lined pages with a checklist of 30 questions that will help the reader focus on the service and other elements of their dining experience, past and present.

Could the experience be awful, exemplary, or discriminatory?

Restaurant Reviewing is simple, helpful writing and fact-gathering tool for learning about an industry many know little about despite its popular pop-culture depiction in TV sitcoms and movies.

The questions in Restaurant Reviewing provide a template for anyone who wants to write about the changing restaurant and food serve multiple purposes, such as overlooked information for aspiring food writers.

ISBN: 978-1-7365342-2-9 

Multicultural group at restaurant table