Middle School Students and Racial Profiling in the Marketplace

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What Would Your Students Do? Discussion

On a field trip in St. Louis, Missouri, a multicultural group of middle school students and their teacher stopped at a well-known sandwich shop. Before entering the shop, the teacher handed bags of chips and beverages to the group. Then they all joined to buy sandwiches. But shortly after, a worker accused one of the students of stealing the bag of chips in his possession.

The worker threatened to call police, even though the teacher vouched for the student, and the shop did not carry the brand of chips in question.

Note the sandwich shop is part of a franchise in more than 100 countries. And each student had a $5 bill to buy a sandwich.

Just one of many stories in the aftermath of the Philadelphia Starbucks incident
https://nichecreativity.com/why-two-you … starbucks/

Editor’s note

A social media survey response was surprising. Some blamed the teacher for overwhelming the worker who would have had so many sandwiches to make while visually scanning for chips.  Whatever confusion the worker experienced does not explain the conduct toward a single student -a customer- who did nothing wrong.


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