Personalized Journal: Finding Your Niche


Fing Your Niche Personalized Journal


DIY Steps…
you can create content
by choosing from topics on the Teachers Pay Teachers
(TpT)site and combining pdfs files for download…
Click here for free preview files in the Finding Your
Niche Store on TpT.


We will create a 40- page journal/interactive
notebook for independent learning for you based
on your answers to the questions below.
Delivery within five business days via Dropbox download.
Payment via PayPal.

Journal  will include a custom written
table of contents, five files from the
Finding Your Niche TpT store and tips on how
to use the journal.

Cost: $60.00 and non-returnable
Guarantee: The information that
you provide will not be shared with any other company.

Email DeeAdams at Niche Creativity dot com with  the following details.

Your Name:


Name of person who will use the journal
Email address:
Note: for delivery of Dropbox link and follow-up questions if necessary


Questions for customized journals 1-10

  1. What five titles or topics in the Finding Your Niche store appealed to you most?
    Preview files are available for free download.
  2. What will the user of the journal hope to learn?
  3. Male or female?
  4. Teen or adult?
  5. What is the user’s favorite fiction book? And non-fiction book

6.. Favorite color

7, List two sites journal user enjoys visiting

  1. Educational background of journal user
  2. Favorite school subject
  3. Favorite hobby



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