The World Wide Web is a Wasteland


How to Cut through the Information Wasteland
Few could argue over the usefulness of the Worldwide Web for many applications, but if you are using it to look for a business idea in order to become successfully self-employed, its an ineffective tool. Sifting through tons of Goggle listings is time-consuming and frustrating, so how do you find the useful information buried in the wasteland?
This site can help you avoid the clutter by providing tips and resources on how to choose the right self-employment path.

Here’s one simple search strategy that many people overlook
What’s the largest metropolitan city in the area in which you live?
What’s the largest business university?

If you haven’t already done so, apply for a library card from both the main branch of the *public and university library that correspond to your answers. You’ll gain access to specialized databases that you can usually use from home.

*If there are several choices, ask the reference librarians for their branch specialties and choose the location that offers topics that will interest you most.

Make a checklist of fields, industries, subjects or topics that describe your answers to the following:

What do you enjoy doing in your spare time?
What occupations have you worked in since childhood?
What organizations, issues, or causes interest you most?

Make a list of the popular trade or professional journals for the fields, industries, subjects or topics that you selected. Using your checklist, choose the first entry and locate one publication that matches the topic. Learn about the opportunities, issues, and problems for that field.
It’s an effective beginning.

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