How an Immigrant Used His Heritage to Build a Billion-Dollar Empire


From choosing a cultural word
conveying a comforting, melodic sumptuous treat…

To the careful preparation of a family-inspired
receipe that filled a void in the marketplace…

To his heart  and business philosopy, some might compare
Hamdi Ulukaya and his inital limited
English language skills, and his upstate entrepreneurial
adventure to that of  a Persian  Henry David Thoreau.



























Prince: Beyond the Music…


Prince, Rodgers, Nelson
Artist, Entrepreneur, Social activist, humanitarian….

Control your music…Use creative talent to build economic 
prosperity for self and community was the philosophy the music legend espoused for
aspiring musicians.

As fans pay tribute and download  the icon’s tunes, aspiring artists would do well to track down and study Prince’s opinions about technology and the changing nature of the music business, and what he believed artists needed to do to avoid being enslaved in an industry that often fails to compensate fairly many members. see

The Ambitious Plan to teach

#Yes we Smiley
Tribute to Prince…Part 1


Career Change And Entrepreneurship After Injury

Fit Chef…Eddie Jackson

If at first you don’t succeed… is illustrated admirably by Eddie Jackson
who recently won the Food Network’s Next Star Compare this video with his recent winning Food Network clip last Sunday.  Jackson honed his communication skills

After repeated injuries sidelined Mr. Jackson’s pro football career,
his business education major at University of Arkansas  was  put to good use. .
The name Fit Chef  communicates a well executed example of an entrepreneurial niche

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Houston  Style Magazine



Food Network Star

Critiquing The Next Food Network Food Star:Season 11

And Then There Were Three…


So before the season started, I selected two constants
based solely on bio briefs. highlighted their niches. One choice has
since left voluntarily to be with her family and my other choice,
Cajun cooking, is still there.

But, after watching the show I see Eddie has strong talent. Except
he may be so cool that he may over shadow the current subtle bad
boy…Bobby Flay.

Overall, there’s been way too much talk by contestants about a grilling
point of view or niche. Unless, someone leaves the network, the channel
does not want another talent who specializes in Flays’s niche.

Update: Season 11 was the most exciting in recent years because the eventual winner was not so obvious. . I didn’t think Eddie Jackson would win because the network already had a barbecue celebrity chef. But when the final clips aired,  there was a stark health versus not so healthy contrast. And I wondered how the network would chose after all.

Celebrity overrides standard operating niche practices, perhaps Jackson’s skill and talent and likeability plus pro sports background equals celebrity niche

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How History Sparked Ideas for Food Entrepreneurs

Finding Inspiration in the Antiquarian Marketplace


Emily Dickinson’s passion for cooking and baking inspired
Concord Teacakes to produce one of her recipes. And the
young owners of Franklin Fountain with an avid interest since
childhood in antiquarian objects created an
unusual specialty sundae based on a recipe
found in a book published in 1915.

What other ways to apply history in other f
fields of interest might there be?

Dee Adams is the author of
Finding Your Niche: Discover…

Emily Dickinson: A Poet in the Kitchen”

Concord Tea Cakes
Top5 Restaurants, para.2, line 6.




Entrepreneurial Lessons From Starbucks Founders

3 Memorable Takeaways


Coffee Drinking Practices in Other Countries

Travel is an educational tool that provides
cultural as well 
as business insights for observers.

It was a trip to Italy where future CEO Howard Schultz first noticed how
the culture there interacted with their coffee in a community setting.
Schultz at the time an employee for a company that only sold
coffee beans tried to persuade his bosses to change their business model.
They were not interested.

Considering how it later turned out were
the original founders shortsighted?

An argument could easily be made that both Schultz and Schultz’s
bosses were correct. Using the metaphor of the Blind Men and the Elephant,
Shultz was positioned atop the elephant and could envision
all sorts of possibilities for an idea that appealed to his values.

On the other hand, Schultz’s bosses could not see the possibilities
from their vantage point…

They had chosen a business model they believed in and could execute.
But Schultz’s new idea would have meant a different set of business tasks and responsibilities outside their interests, motivational levels,
and possibly outside their skill set.


Brewing Up the Right Business Name

Love of literature and lack of marketing savvy can lead to
amusing and costly mistakes while dreaming up
a new product name.

Pequods reportedly was the name selected before Starbucks was favored…
1. Draf and evaluating taglines for each name considered
2. Record the names and listening to the playback
3. Place choices on a bulletin board or computer
screen for visual study.

But most important, in addition to observing product naming rules,
check each syllable of the title in question. Look for overlooked issues that
might clash with the product being named.

Peaquods is the whaling ship in the novel Moby Dick.
Can you figure out why the name was scrapped?
See the Mental Floss link.

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Own-Super Soul Sunday
Howard Shultz on Building A Business With Soul

10 Things You Don’t know about Starbucks

Self-Employment Q and A: Work-Life Conflict

Clarence Crane & Starbucks Founders

Q. What’s the difference between candy inventor
Clarence Crane and the founders of the original Starbucks?
Shouldn’t Crane and Starbucks founders both been able to
walk away from business ideas that may not have been compatible
with their skill sets?

A. You are referring to an earlier post in which I noted that it
was understandable in the case of Starbucks not to pursue a change
in their original concept vs. Clarence Crane who made a huge
mistake when he gave up on his idea for
a new kind of candy that he’d invented.

The difference is that Crane was a chocolate
manufacturer when a problem with candy melting during
shipping in the summer sparked the idea for
a product that wouldn’t melt.

So Crane created Life Savers®, remained in the candy industry
but sold the rights to the mints for nearly nothing.
Frustration over production and marketing
issues were the reasons cited.

After checking several sources, I suspect that work-life
issues may have clouded his judgment…
Crane had a very challenging home life.

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How Angie Harmon Uses Creative Skills And Values in the Business World

Helping African Artists Grow Their Business


Actress Angie Harmon likely has the ability to visualize images in her
imagination, which is a primary talent for artists and designers.
Harmon reaches back to her childhood experiences for some of her
jewelry design ideas for her collaboration with Red Earth

Harmon first learned about the philosophy of the
Red Earth business model quite by accident while visiting
a shop in Nashville… the city where the company is located.

Traveling within the U.S. or to foreign countries has
sparked many ideas for creative ventures.

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Angie Harmon collaborates with Red Earth
Angie Harmon Has Designs On Giving Back


2 Amazing Music Teachers with Disabilities

Using Music to Over Challenges


Marcus Roberts
Tavis Smiley PBS
Musician described as little known outside the industry

Patrick Costello
Washington Post
Merry God of banjo’:
Despite deafness…man learned to play and teach music

The Great Backstory of Rhea’s Market & Deli

Adding Creativity to Sandwiches


Update: My first post was based solely
on the recent rebroadcast of the Check, Please!…

segment on KQED.

Since learning more about
Rhea’s (pronounced Ray’s) Market and Deli a
first impression is confirmed…

James Choi was only seven when a neighborhood
girl challenged him to a cooking contest…

You see, what had happened was that the girl had learned
to cook and declared herself as the best and the challenge was on…
The judging decided by their peers. ..

The girl pulled out a pot and package of ramen noodles,
Choi recalled.
He’d never cooked before, but quickly mixed flour
and water, chopped some apples and once the mixture was
prepared, melted a brown sugar topping for his culinary concoction.

Today Choi, who has a computer science and marketing background,
admits to spending a lot of time dreaming up new ideas for sandwiches.

Social media and word of mouth are credited with building buzz
for his sandwich creations and overcoming the liquor store stereotype.
And choosing a top mentor who provided industry insights
and feedback on Choi’s plan to revamp the family business was key.

Clues in that cooking contest, point to the aptitude ideaphoria,
and check out the menu and sandwiches illustrated on
Rhea’s Facebook page.

A passion for food and solid marketing
and business skills…no question but…

If you take a closer look at the deli’s success or hear
Choi speak and a tremendous sense of care and pride
for the community is evident. He believes
that what he does is provide a service for the area in which he grew up.

Heading the family’s business was never part of Choi’s plans
until a major health crisis with his father had him rethink his path.

According to Choi, big happenings are in store
for Rhea’s in 2015.

No doubt!

Dee Adams is the author of
Finding Your Niche: Discover…

Original Post
Check, Please!…


Rhea Dishes Out
Free Lunch for 826…

TCB Courier Delivers Rhea’s for Free…