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This updated revised 2022 edition of Finding Your Niche: Discover a Profitable Idea for a Business at Home – Or Elsewhere, 6×9 PDF format, has been link-checked, with new content added. This edition includes new links for educational content, including how small businesses used creativity during the challenges of the pandemic.

The pandemic did not decrease interest in entrepreneurship.  But, experts agree that the long-term success rate tends to be poor. Only two out of every ten new businesses will succeed. Many people choose the wrong kinds of self-employment: ventures that don’t fit their existing skills or talents.

Finding Your Niche: Discover a Profitable Idea for a Business at Home – Or Elsewhere has been developed to address these issues. By reading it, budding entrepreneurs will learn how to answer crucial questions like: “Which business should I start?” and “What business is most likely to thrive?”

This guide is a fact-gathering tool and not a typical book on starting up a business. Contents include common and overlooked mistakes and pitfalls that confront would-be entrepreneurs. Hard to find articles by industry and academic veterans are included. Written in a seriocomic style, the book offers valuable ideas to help you uncover a winning idea or plan a specific startup. And you will save time and money.


As a writer, Dee Adams researches the overlooked aspects of business and consumer subjects. She has been involved in start-ups for over 20 years, counseled new business owners, written and published business literature for consumers, and has more than 70 university, community college, and public libraries across the country. Her ideas for finding a niche have been featured in specialized publications and sites such as the California Job Journal, Simply Hired, and Teachers Net Gazette.

Review Quotes
Midwest Book Review
The Business Shelf: Finding Your Niche: Discover a Profitable Idea for a Business at Home – Or Elsewhere lives up to its title with practical advice for starting up one’s own business. From assessing one’s skills and finding profitable ideas suitable for business to marketing tips for startups, warnings against common pitfalls, learning to devise a business plan, and more.

Finding Your Niche is a solid and invaluable resource for any would-be entrepreneur, especially since its wisdom is couched in plain terms and accessible to readers of all backgrounds.

“People won’t buy what they don’t understand. Develop your explanations beforehand and test them on students, family, or friends to measure comprehension before trying to sell your ideas.”

Highly recommended, especially in today’s tough economic times when more and more people need to look into self-employment as a career path!”
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