The Business of Learning A Second Language

Gaining A Bilingual Edge using Kids Foreign Language Cartoons

In the restaurant industry in Florida, not knowing a second language
means one cannot find work, according to an insider on Anthony Bourdain
Parts Unknown , CNN.

Learning a second language opens up many possibilities
in the business world. But becoming bilingual can be a challenge
for some adults, depending on innate ability.

One effective way adults learn:
They watch foreign language kids cartoons on TV.

Aptitude for learning a foreign language
Siliograms, a term coined by the Johnson O’Conner
Research Foundation, measures the ability to learn
and easily retain memory of new words.

Dee Adams is the author of
Fi nding Your Niche: Discover…

Understanding Your Aptitudes
ote: See chapter 8, pgs. 45-48.

How cartoons help your kids in learning foreign language

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