February 2013

Q&A Historical African American Entrepreneurs

 Good Information Sources  Q.  With the close of Black history month, can you recommend a book that documents  historical minority entrepreneurs, besides those repeatedly mentioned every year? A. For a good book on the subject, check out Entrepreneurship and Self-Help Among Black Americans by Professor John Sibley. A lot of people know little about many, many, many other […]

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James Durbin Entrepreneurship Speaker Series

Sweet Revenge Different business leaders share their experiences about entrepreneurship throughout the school year at Holy Names University. In March, Marlo Scott of Sweet Revenge will discuss her self-employment path and passion for cupcakes, travel and beer after one layoff too many… Series free to the public. James Durbin Speaker Series https://www.hnu.edu/about/public-events/james-durbin-entrepreneurship-speaker-series     Hits: […]

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Madam C J Walker

Little-Known History of African American Entrepreneurs

Myths and Facts – How Much Do You Know? True or False? 1.  The North Carolina Mutual Life Insurance Company, one of the largest and most successful Black companies in the 19th century, was co-founded in 1898 by an African American barber with little formal education. True or False? 2.  By 1889, African-Americans had established a wide […]

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Money Lessons

Pound Foolish: Exposing the Dark Side of the Personal Finance Industry Helaine Olen, a Los Angeles Times personal finance columnist and author of Pound Foolish gives an inside look at the industry, and how consumers lose a lot of money by following questionable advice. Some of the incidents and statistics relate to potential entrepreneurs. However, the major take […]

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