Lenny Kravitz Jams On Entrepreneurship

Many people familiar with multi-talented rocker Lenny Kravitz believe he is the very definition of rockstar cool… unaware he’s cool for a multitude of reasons.

While music is his first passion, he pursues other interests and talents equally well. More than 20 years ago, Kravitz Design Inc. opened for business.  And the portfolio of work is well, um…cool.

When a hurricane destroyed entire communities in parts of the Bahamas in 2019, the country of his maternal family, and his part-time residence, his foundation, Let Love Rule, worked quietly in efforts to rebuild the Bahamas and help vulnerable members of the population who had little and lost all in the storm.

He found other ways to help…

For instance, when he took his American dentist to the Bahamas to help people who had no dental clinic, a free pop-up dentistry clinic was started with volunteers from the U.S.  Kravitz later collaborated with his dentist to produce a healthy toothpaste for the marketplace.

Kravitz bases his values and belief system on authenticity and service to others regardless of his path… evidenced by actions not just speech.

Cool life lessons for us all.



                          Kravitz has a wide fan base


Kravitz Design Inc.




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