Pavarotti’s Diverse and Amazing Fan Base: From Babies to Hip Hop

Luciano Pavarotti, a former elementary school teacher, became an internationally known opera singer. You don’t have to like opera to appreciate Pavarotti’s fabulous talent. And his venture later into popular music was niche genius.

Considered the best in opera history, the sound of Pavarotti’s voice could hold the attention of a baby.

Three memorable clips featuring listeners introduced to the iconic singer appear below. For instance, the coach and teacher team, The Rob Squad, and the brothers Twins the New Trend. For most of the listeners, hip hop had been their genre of choice until they fulfilled their subscriber’s requests. But in the case of delightful baby ears (and feet), parental guidance was involved.

Pavarotti performs “Nessun Dorma,” and a duet with James Brown “It’s a Man’s World.”

Opera House



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