Changing Your Work…


Changing Your Work or Career: How to Explore
Self-Employment Options After Injury or Illness,

Newly Revised
This resource guide has landed on a list of top
100 bestselling Amazon Kindle titles in three categories.
Septem.ber 29, 2015

How to Explore Self-Employment Options After Injury or Illness



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Details on Teachers Pay

Press Release
Online Press
“Great book! I love all the resources
you have in this book.”
Serenity Health Care Center, Greater Milwaukee

The Dark Side of Injury:
And the Medical-Pharmaceutical Industry:
Tools for Protecting You and Your Family





Charlie Rose/
Why an athlete turned down a college soccer scholarship…
Sports Concussion is a leading cause of injury and disability in young students
involved in a variety of sports… and more so for females.

Check out Benjamin Yonatton’s video below.
Source: November issue Safety-Net Parents

Jon Morrow
How to quit your job,
move to paradise
and change the world
Pro /2011

How to Quit Your Job, Move to Paradise and Get Paid to Change the World

 Life Hacks 
To  Get You Motivated/September 2015
The Marvelous
Post summary: How a veteran and athlete confronted
with double amputation triumphed

Electronics Recycling: Breaking Down
Barriers to Employment

Thom Hartmann -Oct 4, 2015
In depth with Thom Hartmann
Summary: The serial entrepreneur, author,
and talk show host discussed his experiences
in the business world, which started in his teens.
Hartmann’s informative interview includes
fascinating historical references, pop culture
entrepreneurship, politics,
economics, health issues, and nutrition.

Marcus Roberts
Tavis Smiley PBS
Note: technology, disability,
teaching and music in the interview with the sightless
musician described as “fierce and fearless…”

CNN Book
The Chain: Farm, Factory
& the Fate of Our Food
December 13, 2014
1 hour and 24 Min
Summary: You’ll be glad chips and soda
are the only food being served here today;
warns the host before this presentation begins.
And 20 minutes into the interview you begin to
realize that viewers at home may want to avoid eating, too.

Eye-opening account of the food factory system in
Iowa includes the details about employees who develop unexplained
disability because of processing techniques (which will not be detailed
here). But suffice to say that 1300 hogs are processed each hour, up
from less than 500 hogs processed each hour prior to 2008…

Book…1 hour 24 Minutes
“The Mockingbird Next Door: Life with Harper Lee” Marja Mills
Summary:  Includes mention of author, Marja Mills, and her
bout with Lupus while working on her manuscript about Harper Lee.

Summary: Dr. Lennard Davis talks about the
history of disability and ADA
law. Q and A included.

60 Minutes
Health Issues and flooring:
Chilling overview of where the flooring
may have been installed.

Environmental lawyer and author
Stuart H. Smith
Interview on Tavis Smiley
Smith’s blog includes health-related topics         

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