Cool Church Choir’s Unexpected Guest

Choir groups do not usually scream like concert fans while singing but such was the case back in the summer of 2010.

A Texas based church choir, Voice of Praise, visited New Orleans and presented a secular program to sidewalk spectators. Out of nowhere, it seemed, a Grammy-Award winning multi-genre singer, songwriter, actor, and entrepreneur walked by on the sidewalk and began to watch and clap to their beat.

You see, he had heard the music from his terrace nearby. The beat was familiar…one of his hits.

His appearance was not planned nor did the church group even know the musician was in the state, said stunned choir officials later… meanwhile the unexpected visitor was asked to jam on the drums…

And the sidewalk crowd grew and grew.

Humor is underscored by an onlooker behind the choir, high above on the street watching below. When the onlooker realizes who is singing, she claps a hand on both sides of her head.

For the choir, an unforgettable memory.  For the spectator far behind and above the choir…Why, oh why am I up here?   

Found on YouTube with 4 million + views. Source link below for one version.




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