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25 Business Education Resources (Pre-K to Adult)

For supplemental PDF lessons by Dee Adams:

The listings below are included with permission. No one paid for inclusion.

Missing on many educational sites is a business or entrepreneurial category.
But on TPT (Teachers Pay Teachers), you’ll find a wide range of learning resources for aspiring entrepreneurs in all age groups.

Educators have developed many innovative ways to teach business-related subjects and skills for classroom or independent study.

Gifted, adult, high school, second grade, and even younger students, in some cases, will find appealing content that arouses curiosity.

Selected topics
Personal Finance
Cutting-edge technology
Critical thinking
Creative writing and the entrepreneur
Social business
Family business
English Language

Bonus tips for adult learners
When a challenging subject is involved start with material created for a child then work upward.

Note that lessons on this list could also be used by aspiring adult entrepreneurs to revisit and review
challenging childhood subjects …Identify problem issues areas early on rather than after startup.

Searching for several hours, I compiled some interesting niche finds on the list that follows.
Three freebies are included.


Brief descriptions, excerpts
and a link for each TpT listing is included.

A "novel" way to teach entrepreneurship and business
A Novel Way to Teach Entrepreneurship and Business
1. A Novel Way to Teach
Business and Entrepreneurship
Grade Level
6th grade, higher ed. adult ed.
PowerPoint Presentations, Fun Stuff,
A "novel" way to teach entrepreneurship and business (Chapter 2)
Copyright 2015 Dave Ketchum

Economics Unit of Study!

2. Economics Unit of Study
Social Studies – History, Economics, Writing
Economics Unit of Study!
Grade Levels
2-6th grade
“This unit is packed full of engaging activities to teach
your students about economics. Included in this pack…”

Economics and Financial Literacy 3.E.1, 3.E.2

3. Economics and Financial Literacy…
3.E.1, 3.E.2
Grade Levels
“Social Studies packet with kid-friendly definitions, topics, and activities for Economics…
4. BusinessTown Math
Economics Unit
One Semester
Fun Comprehensive Project-Based Lessons

Initially used in an advanced independent middle school
but suitable for any grade level.  It’s a walk in the shoes
of an entrepreneur. And useful vocabulary, writing skills,
social skills, and critical thinking activities are included, notes the
teacher who developed the project.

Grades 5-8, homeschoolmath, writing, vocabulary,
the arts, social studies/economics, and technology.
Math, Critical Thinking, Writing

Winter Crafts Gifts in a Jar Cookies Recipe Gift for Teach

5. Winter Crafts Gifts in a Jar Cookies Recipe Gift
for Teachers Printable
Special Education, Cooking, Christmas/ Chanukah/ Kwanzaa
Grade Levels
PreK-12th, Homeschool

Economics Detective Series for Kids - Striker Jones 1 and 2 Combo

6. Detective Series for Kids – Striker Jones…
Social Studies – History, Business, Economics
Grade Levels
Economics taught through a kid’s detective novel
(Striker Jones e-book or print)

“Use it to introduce economic concepts like wants vs. needs or incentives…
enrich social studies curriculum with fun stories your kids will love….”
Striker Jones is a unique classic kids’ detective series
that teaches children ages 8-12 basic economic concepts.

Economics Enrichment- "Kiva: Helping People With Microloans"

7. Economics Enrichment-
“Kiva: Helping People with Microloans”
Grade Levels
“Students will visit with their parents.
Take-home assignment is a wonderful follow-up to talking about entrepreneurship and/or loans. It drives home for students how lending and investment (and microloans specifically) can help real people build better lives for themselves…”

Flea Market Math Game/Simulation

8.  Flea Market Math Game/Simulation
 Grade Levels
This game/simulation is a great way to practice math skills, problem-solving and teaching simple financial literacy. Students pretend to be flea market entrepreneurs….”

Dealing with the Shark Tank: Entrepreneurship Project

9. Dealing With the Shark Tank:
Entrepreneurship Project
 Grade Levels
Used in classes for the gifted, see details
about this popular project.

Economics Study Guide (goods, services, budgets, import, e

10. Economics Study Guide (goods, services,
budgets, import, export, etc.)
Grade Level 3

Includes graphic organizers,
fill in the blanks, and short answers.
Content is directly aligned with third grade
Georgia social studies standards…”

Entrepreneurship for Kids
11.  Entrepreneurship Workbook for Kids
“Harlem Hip-Hop Tours (H3 Tours) has created a 32-page
workbook that teaches children how to develop a business idea
and write a business plan in ten easy steps…”

.Entrepreneurship Lesson Plans - Teaching The Basics of Ent

12. TREP Prep
Entrepreneurship Lesson Plans 

Teaching The Basics of Entrepreneurship

“Trep Prep is a trending word for young entrepreneurs…,”
according to this packet of 6 unique lessons and activities introduce
entrepreneurship to grades 6-12 and homeschoolers.

Personal Finance for Teens Unleashed - Carnegie Movie Assignment

13. Personal Finance for Teens Unleashed
Carnegie Movie Assignment

Grade Level
8th grade, homeschool
Based on the first billionaire in the 1900s and his rags-to-riches story.
Individual or group activities and includes
crossword puzzle and teacher key

14. Personal Finance for Teens Unleashed
– Financial Freedom, Family and Dreams

Personal Finance for Teens Unleashed - Financial Freedom,


.Business Articles (14) Activity

15. Business Articles (14).
Specializing in lessons that share and use cutting-edge technology

“This activity includes
14 Online Articles and Questions”
Includes an interesting collection of topics

Running a Business
16.   Running A Business
Teach your students about the basic components of running a business!
Includes vocabulary such as overhead, profit, wage, marketing, and competition.

Economy and Entrepreneurship (for Upper Grades!)

17. Economy and Entrepreneurship (for Upper Grades!)
Grade Levels
‘Pack includes everything you need to teach economics in
the upper grades (3-5) …. [and]
pictures of my former students with their goods and services.
(Personal Financial Literacy/Common Core)
 Grade Level
3-5 Homeschool

Economics: Entrepreneur Research Guide

18. Economics: Entrepreneur Research Guide
Grade Levels
“Entrepreneur research guide is a great resource packet
for students learning about 16 famous entrepreneurs.
The graphic organizers give students a guide
to find the important information about each entrepreneur …”


"Visions of Beauty" by Lasky - LP Grades 4-7

19.  Visions of Beauty
 Grade Levels
4-7, Homeschool
Homeschool Curricula, Activities, Bibliographies
“Visions of Beauty” is an ideal lesson plan for celebrating
African American History month.
This is an original lesson plan on the life of Madame C.J. Walker…”

Could You Be an Entrepreneur? (Create a Small Business Project)

 20. Could You Be an Entrepreneur?
(Create a Small Business Project)
Grade Levels
7-12th, Homeschool
“Great for use when studying entrepreneurship
and small businesses with Jr. High or High School Students.”
Math, Gifted and Talented, Economics

Friday Math -- T-shirt Entrepreneurs

21. Friday Math — T-shirt Entrepreneurs
Grade Levels
Lesson Plans (Individual), Activities, GATE
“Take one Friday—or take several—with this high interest,
creative math and economics activity adaptable for 4th through 8th grade…
Students design T-shirts and survey their peers
about the designs, and set a price for their products…”

Going Commercial -- a GATE Unit for the 21st Century and t

22. “Going Commercial… 100 pages of lessons and materials…
Grade Levels 
4th, 5th, and  GATE students, but it is appropriate up through
8th and even 9th grade because of nature
of critical thinking and creativity involved….

“Students… studying propaganda, vintage posters,
and vintage advertisements… economics and applied math
through conducting a market survey and developing, tracking,
and selling their products.’’

Kojo: The Story of an Entrepreneur (Personal Financial Lit

23. Kojo: The Story of an Entrepreneur
[How a little boy in Africa built his empire with
a few chickens]
(Personal Financial Literacy/Common Core


I TEACH! I SELL!~A Brainstorming Journal For the Teacher-E

A Brainstorming Journal For the Teacher-Entrepreneur

25. Create a Company/Build a Business Project:
Real World + Creative Writing 

Create a Company / Build a Business Project: Real World +


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