Ahmed Muhammad: Teenager Starts Awesome Educational Non Profit

Oakland, California teenager, Ahmed Muhammad, has been featured in many news stories, saluted as a CNN Hero, and profiled recently on GMA3, but it’s not only his academic success, the first Black male valedictorian at 100-year old Oakland Technical High School,  and accepted by 11 universities including, Harvard, Princeton, and Stanford. But how he was inspired to use his time during the covid lockdown has drawn much attention. An idea sparked after learning his younger niece and nephew had a great dislike of science.

“I wanted to know why their confidence had been destroyed at such a young age, 6-9.” — Ahmed Muhammad

So, he searched his science books and the internet and began designing science experiments with items around the house to create a series of fun projects, such as using potatoes to make a battery. The youngsters loved the hands-on experiments and gained an appreciation for science.

Enthusiastic feedback from his younger relatives and educational challenges caused by the lockdown provided further inspiration and in June of 2020, Muhammad launched a multicultural, youth-led non-profit, Kits Cubed, and later used revenues to donate thousands of kits to children struggling with science in the Oakland school district.

Remarkably,  the kits are not only designed to be fun and affordable but are designed to be used without the need for a computer or the Internet.

Group of children wearing masks outdoors

Kits Cubed

There are several editorials featuring the teen entrepreneur but check out Atlanta Black Star for the tips and details they include about how Mohammed got his start with his nonprofit; details not included in other articles.


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