Health Care Lessons from Avril Lavigne

When Illness Disrupts Ability to Work


Lavigne bedridden because of a mystery illness
was told by top doctors it was all in her head.
and her experience i
s all too common.

Noted previously, women are far more likely than
male patients to have their unexplained maladies dismissed as emotional.

Unfortunately, not even fame and fortune can override
an historical issue that many women confront when they have a
n unidentified malady.

Lavigne illness was later discovered to be Lyme disease and
one can’t help but feel that her emotional, account is in part
because of the attitude of medical professionals
who prolonged the ordeal

Be aware that bias and or a poor medical skill set may not
always be apparent to the patient. And while other professional
opinions are a must, learning self-patient advocacy is vital.

Learning how to research health issues. how to size up
medical personnel and choose the right specialist and how to
communicate is a must.
And doing so as an enrichment and educational activity
while healthy is an ideal stress-free way to learn.

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