How Some Entrepreneurial Career Changers Assess Skills Without Tests

Card Sorting: An Overlooked Resource Tool

Countless would-be entrepreneurs have trouble identifying
their values, motivations, and occupational interests. However,
there are more than two hundred factors involved, according
to career development expert Richard Knowdell, so indecision
is understandable.

Testing is one solution, but some people dislike tests while others
find conventional methods incompatible with their learning style
, a circumstance that hampers achievement of accurate results.

To address these issues, Richard Knowdell MS, developed a simple, inexpensive, non-testing method: a card-sort game that would help people from different age and socioeconomic groups rapidly identify and rank their priorities, and assess their knowledge and occupational interests. Using a playing card format removes testing-related barriers and allows for stress-free, game-like discovery, according to user feedback.

Richard Knowdell has taught at the University of California, and San Jose University, and established one of the first successful corporate career development programs in the U.S., and directed a Silicon Valley corporate training and employee development division.

He also started an executive outplacement-consulting firm and served as an executive coach. President Clinton later appointed Richard Knowdell to the Board of Examiners of the United States Foreign Service.

Card Sort Profiles
Occupational Interests

Discover how to rank and identify appeal factors in 110 fields.
Details on knowledge and skills needed and entry requirements
are included with a manual

Career Values
Lists and describes 54 areas of work satisfaction

Motivated Skills
Identifies 51 possible transferable skills
Motivated Skills Worksheet
Completed PDF Sample

Note: Beginning in 2009, I enrolled in two separate college classes for credit: first, a vocational assessment class at a Los Gatos, junior college, and second in a comprehensive personal development psychology course at a nonprofit university.  An array of assessment tools were provided, but neither class mentioned the Knowdell system.

While the academic instruction was helpful,
my independent research uncovered invaluable
information about overlooked alternative assessment resources.

Dee Adams is the author of
Finding Your Niche: Discover:…


Knowdell Career Values Card Sort

Knowdell Motivated Skills Card Sort

Knowdell Occupational Interests

Richard Knowdell

Board of Examiners American Foreign Service

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The Career Fitness Program

Required Textbookn for University Lass
Personal Psychology Development Textbook


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