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Q & A: What Aspiring Furniture Designer Should Know

  Q. Recently, co-hosts on The Talk discussed the sale of George Clooney’s Tequila company for one billion dollars. The topic was entrepreneurial aspirations. Sara Gilbert of Roseanne fame was revealed to be a talented  furniture designer, aapparently researched the possibility of starting up such a venture. What advice would you have? A.  Saw the […]

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Famous Musician Builds Fine Custom Furniture

Micky Dolenz & Daughter Operate Business Did You Know? A major ability, likely shared by the father-daughter duo is structural visualization, the ability to think in 3-D.  And the need to work with something tangible rather than abstract ideas is a strong preference for those who have the talent. Jocrf.org Understanding Your Aptitudes http://tinyurl.com/a9ot9jn Dee Adams is […]

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