June 2018

Q & A: How Some Entrepreneurs Can Avoid Crowdfunding Pitfalls

Q:  Whether Kickstarter or a  competing platform, any advice for someone thinking about crowdfunding a business project? A:  Look beyond the hype.  Investigate the skills and commitment required to succeed in a crowdfunding project. It’s far more involved than you may realize. Check out the blog of Business Librarian, Roger Green, New York SBDC, and […]

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Funny Moneywise Lesson from Actor Jamie Foxx

When actor Jamie Foxx appeared ss a guest coach on the original American Idol, he showed he had the skills of a gifted teacher. Recently, he appeared on Late Night with Stephen Colbert and told a funny story that could be used as a teaching tool for aspiring entrepreneurs…among others. Earlier in his career, Foxx had […]

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