3 Unique Niche Books: High-Wire Artist, Musician, Graphic Novelist

Why Knot: High-Wire Artist Writes Book…


  1. Not about balancing at great heights,
    high-wire artist Philippe Petit demonstrates
    examples of creative knot tying featured in his
    nifty book entitled Why Knot?: How to Tie More than
    Sixty Ingenious, Useful, Beautiful, Lifesaving,
    and Secure Knots! during Charlie Rose interview
    PBS 5/2013

2. Ringo Starr’s innovative method of authorship
is featured in his simple, smile-provoking title.
Starr’s strategy a means of avoiding
an autobiography genre
Pbs.org/TavisSmiley/Ringo Starr Part 1

Book Cover: The Impostor's Daughter

3. Family secrets revealed in an unusual
graphic memoir format eerily conveys the
surreal nature of the information uncovered
by author Laurie Sandell.com

How using an artistic format solved a major writing
challenge for the author and the wisdom of childhood
are major takeaways in
the YouTube video below.


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