5 Interesting Internet Finds: Nov 2018

Between the lines with Barry Kilbrick…How film critic Lenoard Maltin, at
age 13-years was inspired to become a writer before the internet era is a core theme in this interview based on Maltin’s memoir Hooked on Hollywood. Viewers may have to use Google to decode references to a historical bygone era, humorously referred to as pre-dinosaur. But how the teen found his niche before the web offers an interesting glimpse that offers a comparison of available tools and resources then and now.
Harvard Business Review
Why African Entrepreneuship is Booming, by
Ndubuisi Ekekwe. This 2016 article opens with a cool example of how an entrepreneur used ingenuity to solve a business problem.
In non-technical terms, the piece highlights how a country’s infrastructure and economic policies challenges yet sparks new ideas and paths for entrepreneurial citizens.
First spotted on Forbes 30 Most Promising Young Entrepreneurs of Africa by Mfonobong Nsehe, April 2018,  Patricia Majule’s design company is profiled in greater detail on a site with a grin-provoking name…
While in college, Majule started working out of her apartment creating unique paper products for parties. Her abilities might well include strong elements of  STEM.
Lionesses of Africa.com
Multiple Intelligences
Theory: Widely Used, Yet Misundrstood
One of the most popular ideas in education is applied in ways that its creator never intended, Youki Terada, October 15, 2018.
The creator of the Multiple Intelligences Theory, Howard Gardener, is just one of many professionals who learn gradually
that their testing concepts are misunderstood.
The article underscores the value of customized assessments such as those provided by the Johnson O’Connor Research Foundation. Otherwise, misapplication of standardized theories limit possibilities.
Jon Morrow, Smart Blogger’s CEO has written Why You Shouldn’t Start A Podcast or YouTube Channel…
November 2018. Common sense advice that will save beginners a lot of wasted time and effort.
However, many readers will simply be unable to accurately evaluate their skillset correctly and will learn by trial and error.|
Smart Blogger.com

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