6 Questions Some Ringling Bros.Circus Performers May Explore

6Questions Ringling Bros. Circus Performs Should Explore

Only a handful of the 462 staff and performers
of the Ringling Bros. Circus will find positions
in related entertainment venues
when the circus folds this
May, say news reports

But one could argue
that many of the longtime
workers knew the circus would shut
down well in advance of the recent
announcement. Some may relocate
to other parts of the world
where the circus industry still thrives.
Others may choose
entrepreneurship in order to
pursue an independent lifestyle.

Thoughtful answers to questions
that includes the following…

The average person has
six aptitudes regardless of gender, education,
or socioeconomic background.
But what is key is identifying one’s combination
of aptitude patterns, which differs
with each person, says the nonprofit
Johnson O’Connor Research Foundation

  1. What skills, interests
    and innate ability might be indicated by
    circus responsibilities?

2. Could there be circus related knowledge,
experience, tools, equipment, items, products,
practices or strategies which might solve
problems or offer a better way to tackle goals
in other industries?
For instance, might a clown teach humor skills
to corporate or other high-stress professions?
The traditional circus has a long history.
What were the munchies through the years?
Is there some long-forgotten treat
that could be revived?

3. Are you happiest working?
solo, with a partner, with a group?

4. How will you best learn business
and marketing skills? Mentorship,
apprenticeship, classroom learning,
independent learning, online class,
traditional class setting?

5. ..What activities do you most enjoy
in your spare time?

6.Traveling from city to city, what experiences,
people, places, things were the most enjoyable?

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