A Restaurant’s Discriminatory Dress Code: Racial Profiling Lesson

This viral video from an ABC news report is about a recent incident in which a group of Black diners was told they could only sit outside at a New Jersey restaurant because of their casual attire. But the Black diners saw White arrivals dressed similarly were allowed inside.

The restaurant in question has been in the news because of the same issue two years previously.

Unfortunately, an incident such as this occurs across the country 24/7.  But this video underscores several points. Diversity in an environment and racism are not mutually exclusive. And would a 21st-century GreenBook app have helped? Would the group have visited the restaurant had they known ahead of time of the prior history of dress code discrimination?

Counting on an apology and on a possible boycott after an incident does not repair the stress and humiliation experienced when singled out for poor race-based treatment.

This particular incident caught my attention because of something the diners tried to do: Report the poor treatment to the security guard.


The guard and or his company works for the restaurant.



Why the incident above has contributory and underlying causes can be found in a related article by an industry insider. Allison Gaines published on Medium, July 5, 2021. Black People Don’t Tip. Can You Take That Table? Unpacking the racist terminology of America’s service industry.

Outside seating for a restuarant


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