Animal Clip Art Design: Real Cows Don’t Smile

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Insider tips about unfamiliar industries, fields,
or professions can often be gleaned in good forums.
One trick is to read threads even if the topic is not of interest.

Case in point: A recent forum post about the lack of variety
of animal themes in clip art revealed a number of related issues

A cow has beautiful eyelashes but never
smiles…ever …
Factual and amusing point noted by a veteran
educator recently on a website for teachers:

More animal-themed clip art with realism,
anatomical accuracy, and less smiley faces and
human facial elements…please!

So as talented designers heed the plea for realism
and adjust their product lines to meet this need in the educational marketplace, what other  issues may exist in art and education that may not be addressed as yet? Why are there so many animal themes lacking in realism?

One result of the depictions of members of the animal kingdom
has been the need for some science teachers to instruct students not
to draw cartoon images in their science class assignments.


Maine Highland Cattle
The woolly bovines pictured are considered the super-models
of the breed and are one of the oldest and first known recorded. ..
Scottish Highlands cattle. Sturdy work animals that can be milked.
Outer coats enable them to withstand brutal cold climates.

Teachers Pay Teachers cm
Note: Two highly regarded designers  noted for
their focus on realism
Messare Clips and Design
The Painted Crow

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