Aptitude Lesson

Do you know who invented bubble gum for commercial use?
The world’s most playful candy was invented by

A. Teenage boy

B. Candy store owner

C. Unemployed Plumber

D. Accountant

Answer:  Accountant

Takeaway Lesson
Walter Diemer did not invent chewing gum, but perfected the process that created a profitable consumer product worldwide.

Diemer had the skill set of an inventor, an activity he enjoyed in his spare time.
And, based on how he taught sales clerks to blow bubbles with the gum he invented he was not your
stereotypical number-counting professional.

Perhaps fun loving and a people person, it does not appear he was suited for a job involving paperwork and
computing, instead inventing and sales seem to be what he really enjoyed.

Unfortunately, Diemer appears to have  lacked a strong aptitude for business and accounting principles.

Incredibly, he not only failed to protect his idea but he also didn’t
benefit financially 
from his invention, according to reports.

Wikipedia: Bubblegum

The Invention of Bubble Gum


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