Aptitudes and Values of A Teen App Inventor

Rethinking the Cyber Bullying Problem

The tragic consequences of cyberbullying
inspired then 13-year old Trisha Prabhu to
develop a new solution to the problem. .
an app called ReThink.

Prabhu decided not to profit from her invention,
an app that alerts users when what they
are about to post online is inappropriate.
A decision consistent with the incident that
captured her attention and motivated her to research
the issue of online abuse further.

Extraordinary concern and compassion for
others, tech and science aptitudes
and research skills are a given for the teen
but another talent is apparent.

Can you identify it?
Answer: Major communication aptitude and skill

ABC News.com
15-Year-Old’s ‘ReThink’ A
pp Aims to Prevent Cyberbullying



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