Medical Aptitudes

In Depth with Ben Carson, M.D.
Early into last month’s three-hour C-Span interview , you will hear during the first 30-minutes of the segment, Dr. Carson discuss learning styles, but actually, the viewer is watching someone tap into their learning style to solve a probe.

It’s an insightful look at the mindset of a surgeon before he received his medical degree. Dr. Carson recounts how he nearly flunked out of medical school but tapped into his innate ability to strategize to avoid failing at a goal he’d dreamed of since he was a little boy.

During the final 15 minutes, during Q&A, the term structural visualization is not used, but it’s being referred to when the physician responds to a caller by explaining how issues of interpersonal relations may be problematic for people with spatial learning styles.
He also referenced a book he would recommend to aspiring entrepreneurs of any race, the story of A.G. Gaston, Green Power. 


A.G. Gaston Book
Back in Print After 45 Years


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