Baby Boom

Entrepreneurial Lessons from Film & TV
Failure to look before leaping is a common theme often played for laughs in Hollywood.


J.C.Wyatt graduates from the top of her class at Harvard with an MBA. She develops a reputation as a savvy businesswoman, and climbs the corporate ladder in New York. But she’s forced out of her job and decides to buy a 200 year-old farmhouse in Vermont… sight unseen…

After moving in, day by day, Wyatt discovers she’s apparently bought a
turkey of a property, which is draining her bank account because of expensive repairs.

Wyatt briefly considers arson… her funds are drying up fast, and she’s unhappy in her new environment, which is worlds away from the hustle and bustle of New York City.
Then she finds an entrepreneurial niche… and success making natural baby food.

Takeaway Lesson: Research: Research, Research.
Hard to believe that a character nicknamed the Tiger Lady would have bought a house on 65 acres of land without first checking the business particulars of her decision and learning beforehand what exactly the getting into involved.

Note: Arson in Vermont is punishable by fine and anywhere from two to 10 years depending upon whether the act is intentional or negligent.


Baby Boom 1987


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