Changing Career Paths after an Injury: Q & A

Finding Your Self-Employment Niche

Q. I have a disabling injury and have to find a new occupation. What business could I start?

A. What activities or business industry would interest you, if you weren’t injured? Take some time to answer that question. Don’t limit your thinking because of your current situation.

For instance, there are architects and artists  in the visual arts field who are blind. The recent winner of Fox TV’s MasterChef is blind. There is a daredevil stuntman who earns a living doing what he enjoys most, yet he is wheelchair bound. These are just a few examples. At first glance, their choices seem counterintuitive.

Assistive technology may enable you to use your innate ability despite challenging circumstances.

Contact Jan Accommodation Network they offer free consulting services for aspiring entrepreneurs. The program is provided by the U.S. Department of Labor in collaboration with West VirginiaUniversity. A consultant will provide a comprehensive report of resources for your state to help you reach your self-employment goal.



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