Changing Your Work Or Career After Injury or Illness

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What famous iconic painter had a physical disability?
Who is considered the Martin Luther King of the disability rights movement?


  • In The Pencil Professor Henry Petroski, discusses Leonardo Da Vinci’s physical disability in the form of his injured left hand. Information that gives one pause when you reflect on his accomplishments despite the injury.
  • Ed Roberts was the first student with severe physical disabilities to attend U.C. Berkeley. He went on to become an activist and government appointee, which proved highly ironical, according to Karen G. Stone in Awaking to Disability.


Book Excerpt
from Changing Your Work or Career…
No More Job Interviews! Self-Employment Strategies for People with Disabilities 
by Alice Weiss Doyel

Editor’s Note: The author dismantles myths with research data about business start-up by people with disabilities. For example,  tables and charts illustrate an array of enterprises started under the U. S. Department of Labor initiative at the University of Montana. And related economic census data from the  Small-Business Development Center in Ann Arbor Michigan is also included.

“There is the notion that people with disabilities can handle only simple home-based businesses comparable to low-level jobs in conventional employment. Or people with disabilities can only handle one-or two-person businesses.

In addition., [there’s a common misperception] it’s more costly for a person with a disability to start a business than to be trained to enter or reenter the workforce through conventional employment. [In reality].. Some entrepreneurs with disabilities own larger businesses, employing a substantial number of workers. ranging from one to 50 employees,” according to the Small-Business Development Center in Ann Arbor Michigan.”


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