Choosing an Unlikely Niche


Talk Show Insights
Lawrence Brownlee
Despite naysayers, the 5’6” African-American tenor discusses his choice of music and his classical niche instead of a career in law despite not being the typical opera singer.

Tavis Smiley
November 2013

April 2007
Lawrence Brownlee: A Rising Star Arrives at the Met

Martha Plimton
Award-winning actress explains how her financial situation was so dire that she sent a plea to friends asking if anyone had a position open for a babysitter…

Activity: Take a look at Plimpton’s accomplishments and make a checklist of avenues you think she might have tried instead.

Update: Based on Plimpton’s celebrity status in the theater, sense of humor, and interest in activism, public speaking for corporate America or organizations might be a possibility. Requisite aptitudes and skills used by  successful actors are similar to those used by speakers.

Queen Latifah, November 15, 2013

Martha Plimpton Wikipedia

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