Cook’s Country: Testing Useful Consumer Products

Bad Barbecue Tool Design

Why would a company produce a barbecue grill spatula
that was so overheated during use that it was described
as  “screaming hot”?

Last year, once again, a gadget evaluation segment
on Cook’s Country illustrated the consequences of
overlooking critical thinking when creating a product

Tester’s on the popular PBS program selected and
used several barbecue spatulas in an effort to identify
the best. One tool was excluded because while
barbecuing one spatula became too hot to handle.

Curious, as to why such an obvious blunder
would have been made I consulted a hardware store
in search of a possible answer.

Turns out the spatula in question may likely have been designed
to be used with protective gloves…and instructions
would have been printed on the box…

So the choices are buy a spatula designed to
withstand heat or buy the one that requires repeatedly
use of gloves while barbecuing…

.Takeaway: Comical, costly blunders are guaranteed
when the critical thinking process is overlooked while creating a product for the marketplace.while creating a product for the marketplace.

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