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Uncovering Creative Niches: 3 Great Examples

When you are the first and must figure things out…. Absolutely fascinating interview with Haben Girma, a disability rights attorney, author, and the first woman to graduate from Harvard Law School despite being born deaf and blind. Insightful takeaways during the 45-minute talk for any student or anyone else attempting to navigate a challenging path. […]

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Food Trucks

Mobile Restaurant If you believe food trucks are a hot new trend, you should know archaeologists recently uncovered an ancient ruin dating back to the dinosaur age. They dug up a mobile truck with stone wheels and menu offering brontosaurus burgers, tacos and shakes. Okay, I’m still checking on all the facts behind that tall […]

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Food Industry Gossip: America Invades British Shores

America Invades British Shores—That was the headline on ABC news in 2010. Well, an invasion of sorts. You see, Kraft Foods had just announced the purchase of England’s Cadbury chocolates and the British people yelled treason. Insider Secrets: Famous Food Products & What You Should Know If You are Considering Entering the Industry. If you’ve […]

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