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Biz Quiz
1.Which of the following inventions were created for safety reasons?
a. Life Preservers
b. Band-Aids
c. Condensed Milk
d. Portable Heart Defibrillator
e. Safety Pin

Research 101
2. What Activity is Often Mistaken for Research?
a. Investigating
b. Critical Thinking
c. Reading
d. Writing

1. All except for Band-Aids. Technically, that product was invented
for ease of use. When the newlywed wife of a salesman kept cutting and burning herself during her daily cooking chores, her husband invented  a disposable bandage that could be easily applied to her fingers as she prepared meals.
* Descriptions of her constant injuries are hair-raising.
It appears that barring her from the kitchen might have been the best safety measure.

Lesson: If you first glanced at the list, a-e, and decided the answer was obvious, that may indicate a tendency to make make snap decisions without gathering facts.

2. Research 101
The activity is merely an element of research.


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