Discovering Hidden Skill

Artistic Talent

When psychologist Lucy Petrie decided that she wanted to
learn how to draw, she taught herself by using the exercises in a
book entitled Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain, then she
enrolled in a pastel class.
Petrie won acclaim in the art world, within a short time, and her
work appeared in the Pastel Journal’s “Top 100 Paintings” issue,
according to the Vermont Burlington Free Press.

Petrie says about her ability to paint “I don’t believe in talent….”
“I felt I learned to see…” “From a psychologist’s point of view,
everything is driven by some unconscious motive.”

Petrie comes from a family of artists: her mother was a middle school
art teacher, her dad cartooned all the time, and both her sisters, and
her husband are artists. Petrie creates her artwork by viewing
photographs of images through a magnifying glass.

Lesson: A person’s belief system can hinder the discovery
of hidden abilities. Many experts would disagree with Petrie’s opinion,
but most would agree that she possesses a high degree of color
discrimination and the ability to think in 3-D, which aptitude
professionals refer to as structural visualization.

Buscher, S. (2007). Catching up with Lucy
Petrie, pastel artist. BurlingtonFree Press.