Entrepreneurial Insights From Venture For America

Q & A With Andrew Yang

Venture for America’s founder Andrew Yang,
appeared recently on C-Span to talk about his nonprofit
and book.
Smart People Should Build Things

Several thoughts:

1. Venture for America is restricted to college graduates.
Curiously, several famous entrepreneurs starting out
would not have qualified for the program….

2. Many people still grapple with figuring out an entrepreneurial path,
despite the tonnage of startup information. But starting and choosing
are two distinct subject areas often lumped together.

3. Yang’s personal history provides important clues to the process
and how he shaped his current business model. The Ivy League educated
attorney, after an earlier attempt at business failed, developed a way to address the problem of unemployment across the U.S. by providing workers for promising new companies.

Background, experience, values, and knowledge applied to
a major issue close to home.

4. Studying the contemporary role of apprenticeship in
a European country should prove insightful for anyone interested
in pursuing that avenue independently.

Dee Adams is the author of
Fi nding Your Niche: Discover…


Third Grade Terrific
Note: Several examples of child entrepreneurs
included on this board.

Nightly Business Report.com
Profiled today: two ventures started by entrepreneurs
in their late 50’s.

1. Construction worker
builds ukuleles from home.
2. And a company promotes the health benefits
of mushrooms.

Beyond the Tank/Abc.com
Note: Check out the premier episode and the teen
who pitched his invention on Shark Tank but was turned down…


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