Finding New Ideas for Social Business

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Entrepreneurial trends in the academic world was the topic of a previous post
that included references to the article
Me, Inc. The content reveals how some non-business majors
are showing an interest in becoming their own boss by enrolling in entrepreneurship classes.
For instance, students in music, art, and journalism.

However, you don’t have to enroll in business school to find  inspiration for a social venture.
Class assignments from other disciplines can provide ideas too.
For example, communications or sociology.

After choosing a topic of interest, write a short term paper, fill out an index card,
produce a 2-3-minute podcast, or use a pinboard on Pintrest to create an illustrated
response for the following activity:

Homework Activity for Inspiration

1. Find an article that discusses a major social problem that troubles you greatly.

2.  What solutions would you create to address the problem?

Note: Several years ago, I wrote a term paper for a sociology class that addressed some of the major problems in public education. While I have never attended a school as was described in Kozol’s essay, the piece read like a horror story, and my values regarding fair play and equity, the importance of learning, and dislike of abusive bureaucracy led me to choose the assignment.

Sociology Assignment 


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