Fired Colorado School Lunch Worker Becomes Own Boss

When Personal Values Clash With Work Policy

Amazing story that highlights absurd aspect s of
bureaucratic policy and why some seek alternatives…

Several thoughts yesterday as I watched Della Curry’s
interview on CNN:

From the district’s point of view, the cafeteria manager violated
policy by repeatedly feeding children who could not afford
to pay for their meals.
Meals that policy dictates must be thrown away.


An argument could be made that giving students a cold sandwich
and milk instead of a hot meal borders on shaming and punishment.
One wonders why Curry’s actions would be considered anything other
than compassionate and common sense rather than …theft.


After watching Curry’s interview, one could not help but get an
impression that she had strong communication and interpersonal skills,
highly personable manner.

And I wondered if Curry had considered using her experience
to start a nonprofit or social enterprise that focuses on an issue that clearly
is not being fully addressed. Because if she landed another
job in the same field and if confronted by more hungry children…
what would she do?

Today’s Good Morning America interview
provided more details.     

It turns out Curry has a business background.
Her plan is to lobby elected officials for a policy change
And she is now is planning to resume an entrepreneurial path.


Dee Adams is the author of
Finding Your Niche: Discover…


GMA Video/
Note: Article includes statistics on food and hunger…
Recovering Wasted Food
Note: May 2015 Harvard forum
offers an informative overview of how some entrepreneurs
and nonprofits are attempting to create new solutions
for the food and hunger issue.